Friday, June 20, 2014

FX Guide: The technology of Michael Jackson reborn

This is a great article from that goes into  much more detail about the making of the MJ digital image created for the Billboard award show showing MJ performing Slave to the Rhythm.  The images shown are HD and show the  great detail of the sets  and image.   ~ Qbee

The technology of Michael Jackson reborn
By Mike Seymour FXGuide

June 16, 2014

We look at the face of Michael Jackson with exclusive high resolution images from the Billboard Awards hologram and interview with VXF Sup Steven Rosenbaum

Stephen Rosenbaum was tasked with digitally creating one of the world’s most famous performers, Michael Jackson, to promote a new song, Slave To The Rhythm, at the live event of the Billboard Awards. It was a digital performance with excellent facial animation built on a range of technologies from LightStage facial capture to motion capture.

Given the enormous importance of Michael Jackson to music generally and his global reputation for stunning live performances, the job of allowing an audience to once again see him perform brought with it a justifiable amount of pressure. Clearly, after decades of enjoying his performances, the audience knows how Jackson moved, they know how he looked, and literally anything less than stunningly accurate wasn’t going to work ...   Read More ..


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