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Im very excited about  Zack O'Malley new book, Michael Jackson, Inc.  But I wasn't familiar with Borbay's art until I visited his website to view  the book cover. I was very impressed in his creative process and enjoyed his videos and the visual step by step of his work. He reveals the whole process from start to finish.  I can't even express in words how much this painting has moved me.  I guess Borbay's own Description  below  best describes it. "Electric...  — on Fire." ~ Qbee


Zack O'Malley's  Michael Jackson, Inc. is Available Globally — June 3, 2014

"The King of Pop. Michael Jackson. I watched every one of his music videos in preparation for this project, and what I realized was this: he was so much a part of my formative years, I could scarcely believe it. His presence… brand… impact… business acumen — has always felt electric.  So I went for this palette. Bright. Complementary. A beloved man enshrouded in controversy — on fire."  ~ Borbay

Rewind to December, 2010. I recall pondering a portrait series, but found I had 99 problems and picking a portrait subject was one. As fate would have it, I decided to paint Jay Z, which lead to a series of hip hop stars nearly identical to Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s Cash Kings.

So, I called into Forbes, asked for Zack, got him on the phone, talked about the work, he previewed the show, wrote about it for Forbes, and that’s how it all began. Shortly thereafter, Mr. O’Malley Greenburg released his first book, Empire State of Mind (HOV loved it by the way).

As artists are wont to do, we spoke frequently about our upcoming projects… turns out, Zack began to research for his new book — Michael Jackson, Inc.. ‘Wouldn’t it be great to collaborate on the cover?”

Here is how the painting was made… soundtrack courtesy of MH the Verb (featuring: Jack Wilson, Rose Hart, Kuf Knotz, Stewie and B-Tips) entitled Heroes from The Balloon Guide

And I give you — Michael Jackson, Inc. — the book cover. This black-and-white beaut was designed by Anna Dorfman of Simon & Schuster… and Door Sixteen… we’ve been working on this collaboration for months, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time, I lay out my entire creation process for each work from start-to-finish. Here is Michael...

View  the whole process from start to finish at

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