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Grand opening of Everland a Liberian Orphanage built with funds donated by Michael Jackson Fans.

 Everland Children's Home in Liberia is completed. It was built with donations from Michael Jackson's fans. I, so proud of all the Mj fans who supported and promoted this effort. We really can honor Michael by making the world a better place and keeping his charitable Legacy alive through our good works.~ Qbee


Fermanagh doctor’s Christmas Day with African orphans

WHILE the rest of us will be opening presents on Christmas morning Garrison native, Dr Patrick Treacy, will be opening an orphanage in Liberia in west Africa in honour of his friend, the late Michael Jackson.

Healing Bed once used by Michael donated by Dr. Treacy

The internationally renowned surgeon has been given the role of Honorary Ambassador by Michael Jackson fans from around the world and invited to open the Everland Children’s Home on Christmas Day.

In attendance will be the Vice President of Liberia and other government dignitaries.

“It is an honour to be asked. The fans got together to build this orphanage and it is a fitting tribute to Michael and all the work he did in Africa and I am very honoured to be asked to open it.”

The Everland Children’s Orphanage was built on two acres of land near Liberia’s capital of Monrovia.

The land was originally owned by a local church and mission school dedicated to children’s welfare in the largest slum community around Monrovia.

“Michael Jackson gave so much of himself, of his time, his heart, and his talents,” Dr Treacy revealed.

“In 1993, he gave all the profits from 67 concerts over eighteen months on the Dangerous World Tour to the Heal the World Foundation. In 1999, he organised a series of benefit concerts with Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti from which he donated the total proceeds to the “Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund”, the Red Cross and UNESCO.”

In keeping with Jackson’s dream of a children’s hospital, it is hoped that Everland will also encompass a small clinic as the nearest medical facility is over two hours drive away.

“I have never been to Liberia as most of my travels to Africa have been along the east coast and I certainly did not envisage going out there on Christmas Day, but when the request came to open the orphanage there was only one place I was going to be.”

Since Liberia is not considered a safe destination for travellers, it has become somewhat a forgotten land and, by default, the suffering children there are forgotten too.

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, torn apart by war, ravaged by poverty, and recently overrun with barefooted children arriving alone from the neighbouring war-torn Ivory Coast.

“It is not a very safe country and it can be forgotten about so I am delighted that this orphanage has been built and it is a fitting legacy to the work that Michael did. Michael never asked for anything in return for what he did, except for one thing. “Help me to help the children”, he wrote. If his spirit is anywhere, it is with needy children throughout the world.”


Dr Treacy Visits with the children and opens Everland on behalf of the fans on Chrismas day

Speech from Dr Treacy
Honorary Ambassador for Michael Jackson fans at the opening ceremony

" Friends and Government Dignitaries,

We have started a new century, a new millennium. The first ten years have been some of the most brutal the planet has ever encountered. The century started with terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and Liberia underwent its second civil war. Liberia to oust a leadership that had made this country internationally known as a pariah state. These actions dragged this great nation into other conflicts in Sierra Leone and left 250,000 people dead and devastated this nation's economy. These wars cast a dark shadow over humanity: Today, Liberia is recovering from the lingering effects of the civil wars and their consequent economic upheaval, but about 85% of the population continue to live below the intenretional poverty line. So much violence, so much bloodshed, so much agony to children but the watching world will not stand back and remain indifferent.

Seventy years ago, World War 2 ended, Liberia had joined the Allies and helped rid the world of the evils of Nazism. Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity. It stood up for for the destitute, for the victims of disease and injustice. And then it entered a dark period from which it is now slowly emerging. It is fitting that we are all here today to remember the legacy of Michael Jackson, someone I am privileged to call my friend, somebody who often stood alone to fend for the children in the world. Michael was very troubled by the suffering of this continent and in fact his first words to me when we met were

'Thank you so much for helping the people of Africa'.

I had been to Africa and seen the devastation of the plague of HIV at first hand and when we discussed it, there was tears in his eyes and he said we had to do something together for the people of Africa. He planned to hold a great concert in an abandoned airfield in Rwanda and we would fly there together in his private plane and then down to see his great friend, Nelson Mandela. Sadly, these events were not to happen and the world lost one of its great humanitarians.

Michael Jackson brought light where there was darkness, hope where there was despair; he never turned away from cruelty when he could give compassion. Following the 1984 Victory Tour, Michael donated his $5 million share from the tour's profits to charity. In 1985, he co-wrote the single "We Are the World" with Lionel Richie and donated all of the proceeds to help the needy in Africa. Almost 20 million copies of "We Are the World" were sold, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The project raised millions for famine relief.

Michael Jackson felt the pain of the hungry children of Africa, walking for miles with swollen bellies, dying without dignity in the night as the rest of the world emptied its supermarket food waste into the bins of New York, London and Dublin. He knew and felt deeply about a continent ravaged by civil war and pestilence where children were forced to hack off limbs of their parents and eat the beating hearts of other humans. None of these children asked to become involved in an adult war, where man’s inhumanity to each other is only outdone by the evil that lies within their hearts. There are times when we all feel that God has abandoned this world, the terrible earthquake in Haiti, the bloody streets of Northern Ireland, and at evening time when shadows fall over the coffin makers in Nairobi as another HIV infected child is put back into the earth from which they were born. Well, I say to you here today that there is a God who looks down on all of this wrong and he brought us an angel in the form of Michael Jackson to help to solve it.

This building is a testament to the Humanitarian legacy to the Michael Jackson, built by his wonderful fans and it will be remembered by generations as yet unborn. This is a story of regeneration of the human spirit here in the heart of Africa, a part of the world that my very dear to the great singer. Let's be grateful to God that he sent us such a person to live amongst us for a while and leave us this wonderful legacy. We cannot be indifferent to the wrongs in this world that we see around us. Already, the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation is making plans to open another Everland in Haiti, where hundreds of thousands of people sleep under plastic sheets at night and like Monrovia have to suffer some of the worst rains on this planet.

I see the kids in the street with not enough to eat
Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their need?
They follow each other on the wind ya know?
'Cause they got nowhere to go, that's why I want you to know

Well now they have somewhere to go - it's here. It's called Everland Children's Home."

To learn more visit Michael Jackson's Legacy - Facebook
Your donations will be giving these children, not only food, clothing, education, and love, but a place to call home. A home called Everland. We can and we will make this world a better place.

If you would like to discuss this with other fans join us at MJJCommunity

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Michael Jackson The Untold Humanitarian Work

Im so happy you enjoyed the sweet Christmas story about Michael so in the same light . Today I would like to feature some beautiful videos that highlight the many charitable and humanitarian efforts of Michael Jackson throughout his life. While his fans are well aware of these stories they are mainly ignored by the media, so much of the general public is not aware. We can teach and enlighten the world by sharing the stories and videos that show how kind and generous Michael really was not only to children but to all of mankind.  ~ Qbee

Michael Jackson The Untold Humanitarian Work  Part 1

Michael Jackson The Untold Humanitarian Work Part 2

Michael Jackson is a true Humanitarian, an example to us all. He has devoted much time and money to a wide range of charities. He loves children and takes time out when touring secretly visting sick children. He also has special rooms at his home Neverland for sick and terminally ill children to stay over. He was listed in the 2000 edition of the Guiness Book Of World Records for breaking the world record for the "Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star". It states that Michael Jackson has supported 39 charity organizations either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or by participating in their silent auction. 

Source: Produced and uploaded by phonochristland

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Michael Jackson Was Santa to 300 Manilla Orphans

I just wanted to share this beautiful Christmas story  about Michael Jackson and the love and generosity he shared with the Children and people of Manila  during his HIStory tour in December 0f 1996.  In the true spirit of Christmas not only did  Michael  play Santa  to the delight of over 300 orphans he also took time to visit children a Manila community hospital and donate proceeds from his HIStory  tour to them.  Of course we know Michael didn't need the excuse of Christmas to be so loving, kind and generous, he did this all over the world throughout his tours.  I hope you enjoy this lovely Christmas story. ~ Qbee

A close encounter with MJ in Manila
By Gwen Cariño (The Philippine Star) Updated July 11, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - (The author, Gwen Cariño a former PR officer of the Manila Hotel,
 writes about her experience with hotel guest Michael Jackson in December 1996.)

When I was a public relations officer at Manila Hotel, I was assigned to head the annual Orphan’s Christmas Party where 300 children from different orphanages around Metro Manila were treated to a day of fun and surprises. It was one of the biggest projects on my plate and it was such a challenge to focus on work the day before the big event, knowing Michael Jackson was billeted in the hotel.

Two nights before, I had been fortunate to be part of his welcome line at the hotel lobby together with the rest of the PR and sales staff and saw him walk by.

The day before, a guy claiming to be Michael Jackson’s aide from Mamarao Productions came to the office. I couldn’t recall his name but he looked for the “person in charge“ and said his boss had read the announcement about the event in the Dear Guest flyers we had circulated to all the rooms a week before. Michael wanted to know how he could help. His aide went up to the Penthouse and down to the PR office several times after we gave our suggestions.

Michael offered to fill up the 300 loot bags with goodies and toys, candies and chocolates. But after getting close to 50 sponsors, it was actually a problem for us to dispose of everything.

So I thought hard... how can the King of Pop meaningfully join the affair? I couldn’t possibly have him be with the kids in the palayok game or the pabitin as he might end up being mobbed! And since the annual event was really all about giving, I mustered all my courage and told the Mamarao guy that the best thing I could think of was for Michael to literally be present to help distribute the loot bags, sign autographs and pose with the children for photos.

“Wow, that may not be easy. You’re talking about handing goodie bags to 300 children and I can just imagine the chaos. We’ll see. I’ll get back to you,” he said.

Lunch break came and it was the most hurried one I ever took in my life. It wasn’t until after 5 p.m. that Michael’s aide came back and said, “Michael is more than happy to do whatever you suggest. How do we go about it tomorrow?” I wanted to scream. I had to calm myself and regain composure as the Lizzie Maguire in me said, “Get real, get back into focus.”

We agreed that Michael would come in after the games, musical program and snacks, at the last part to give out the loot bags. My colleague Annette Africano and boss Dulce Agnir requested for additional security around the garden and the stage area as this was where we decided to distribute the gifts. We made sure the children would form an orderly line.

Then the moment arrived. It was at the Champagne Gardens on Dec. 7, 1996. I was surprised to see him walking towards us, guided by his aide. Michael came up to me as I had to brief him.

“Hi, how are you? Thanks so much for letting me in, I know I’m early ’cause I didn’t want to miss the program.”
I said, “Are you kidding? Thanks so much for volunteering! Here’s what Michael – why don’t you just sit here and watch the musical numbers before we get into the gift giving. I will have to tweak the program a bit.”

He replied, “Sure, anything you say... (pausing to look at my name tag) Gwen!” I was stunned at how incredibly sweet and modest he was. And in my mind it was, “Oh my God, this is really happening!”

Amazing how he patiently sat through the whole program. Carol Banawa, then an “Ang TV” mainstay couldn’t believe MJ was watching her perform. She had her red blouse signed by him right after her number.

Then followed Stefano Mori’s dance number. Later, his back up singers and dancers came up on stage followed by select kids from different orphanages who danced to the beat of ‘Billie Jean’. Oh, the smile on Michael’s face was just amazing.

Then we announced that Michael will be distributing gifts onstage. I explained to him that there’s a loot bag for the younger kids and another for the older ones and he nodded. The thrill and excitement he gave those children was incredibly touching. It was in between the gift bag distribution that I caught a glimpse of MJ, not as a performer but as a person.

It was one in the afternoon. Santa Claus (David Endriga, a friend of fellow PR officer Francis Capistrano) was with us. The heat was scorching and I was worried that Michael felt so hot with his black long-sleeved signature attire and hat.

“Are you alright Michael? We can let you take a break,” I asked.

He said, “I’m cool, Gwen. Just imagine how Santa feels inside his velvet suit and beard. We’ll be fine.”

I never heard him complain or say a word about how hot it was or how long the line was. He had the most beautiful manners. He didn’t even ask for a drink or a towel to wipe his sweat but one of our banquet staff made sure he got a glass of fresh orange juice.

An hour passed and we were halfway through gift-giving when we noticed that the garden was getting filled up. Suddenly, there were people from media, politicians, officials and hotel guests, including those in a wedding reception at the nearby Champagne Room who deserted the newlyweds just to get a glimpse of the King of Pop.

“Oh, this isn’t supposed to be, I’m so sorry,” I said.

“It’s all right, we’ll get through it,” Michael said, smiling. As we finished giving out the last loot bag to an 11-year-old orphan, a new line of more kids and adults formed. Michael’s bodyguard, Wayne, said. “We can leave now.”

Michael replied calmly, “We can’t leave when there are still people in line. It’s Christmas, dude.”

I felt my heart beat faster and the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood up. He wasn’t just the most electrifying performer, but the most generous person.

One of the most memorable moments was when a lady came up to him for an autograph. Laughing and holding his tummy, he said “Hey Gwen, you’ve gotta check this out.” He whispered, “It’s a blank check. The lady is making me sign on a blank check.”

We laughed hard and little did we know that it wasn’t even half of the comedy. He later showed me and Wayne other stuff people would use or pick up on the ground when they couldn’t find paper for him to sign on. One lady made him sign at the back of her elegant, designer Filipiniana gown. One teenager came up to him holding a dead leaf and another one, a popped balloon. Imagine how our laughter ballooned as well.

It was an amazing, genuine experience. At one point he asked if I was going to catch his History concert and I said, “Tomorrow night.”

“Oh, you’ll have a blast!” Michael told me.

At this point he became concerned about the stage as adults outnumbered the kids. His face had nervousness written all over it but he still didn’t complain. He tapped the wooden floor with his foot several times making sure it was sturdy enough not to fall apart.

“I’ve experienced the stage collapse and I just want to make sure we’re all safe here,” he explained.

Half of me wanted the line to finish because we were literally melting and worried about our safety, but half of me didn’t, knowing that once the line ended, Michael would leave.

At some point it did end. I managed to get an autograph for my sisters and me before our general manager, Clem Pablo, requested him to sing ‘Give Love on Christmas Day’.

Cesar Sarino, one of the hotel’s officials, addressed his thank you note to the King of Pop. Then I saw his guards and aides whisking Michael off stage. I said in my mind, “Oh man, I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye.”

Suddenly, I saw Michael return on stage and say, “Thanks so much to you and your team, Gwen. This really means a lot.” Then he held me beside him and said, “I’ll see you at the concert.”

As Michael Jackson is laid to rest and returned to pristine condition in the afterlife, these two incredible acts of the King of Pop – volunteering for charity and unselfishly spending time with the less fortunate – will forever be the way I will remember this man.

P.S. During his last day at the Manila Hotel, Jackson also left a message on his bathroom mirror. He wrote," I'll miss you!" using a red lipstick and placed a kiss mark beside the message.


Michael also visited the Parañaque Community Hospital during his stay in Manila

06 December 1996, Philippines Manila - Michael Jackson History World Tour concert in Manila was a huge success, with 145,000 Filipinos turning up to watch him live on Dec. 8 and 10. Before performing, Michael Jackson visited the pediatric ward of Parañaque Community Hospital where he kissed and hugged several babies and met young patient, and with town officials.

Michael donated part of his earning on his HIStory Tour Manila for the renovation of the hospital, the Philippine officials said the hospital had received a donation from the singer but refused to say how much.

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Exclusive Premiere: Musicians From Michael Jackson's BAD Tour Recall Their Experiences after watching BAD25

This is so exciting for me.  So nice to see them all together remembering Michael and the great times they had being a part  of Michael visison. I  know  many of you feel just like me  that they are familiar like family after seeing them perform so many many times with Michael.  I just wish it was longer.  I could listen to the stories all day long.  Enjoy ~ Qbee

Today premieres  this exclusive, 12-minute, in-depth interview clip from the 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's Bad.  After they watched the BAD Tour documentary.

The footage features the live musicians and vocalist who  performed and played instruments like guitar, drums and keyboards on the BAD tour, including Dorian Holley, Jennifer Batten, Greg Phillinganes and more .. recalling and reflecting on life on the road and Michael.
Enjoy this clip, as the artists who experienced it give their perspective on one of the most memorable and important tours of the modern era. They were there; they lived it. So hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Watch video at the link below. They don't allow embedding.