Sunday, May 31, 2015

Michael Jackson's son, Prince, graduates high school with honors.

Congratulations!! Prince

Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince (Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) has just graduated with honors from Buckley High School in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Saturday, May 30th.

His proud Proud, grandmother, Katherine Jackson, his sister, Paris And brother Blanket, his aunts Latoya, Reebie and his Co-guardian/cousin TJ and several other family members attended the ceremony, to cheer Prince on when he received his diploma.
A friend in attendance stated that Prince, well-liked at Buckley, was greeted with applaus and whistles by his piers.
Paris was all smiles. She sweetly helped her brother straighten his collar and gave him a huge hug, putting to rest, recent tabloids rumors that Prince was a bad influence and they were not getting along.

On top of graduating with honors, Prince will also be attending ... College to further his education. He wants to major in film making, which he was intoduced to by his father. I'm sure Michael would be so very proud of his son.


Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch placed on the market for 100 million.

Neverland, the famous ranch once the home of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was just listed on the market for $100 million

The late legendary pop star built up the 2,700 acre ranch in Los Olivos, just outside Santa Barbara and named it Neverland Ranch. The zoo animals and amusement rides were removed prior to his death in 2009. But the train station with the famous flower clock that spells out Neverland still graces the property as well as his personal dance studio and the giving tree where Michael stated he often climbed to write many of his hit songs and prose. One llama still remains on the property.

The property has been renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch, (it's original moniker before Mr. Jackson purchased it in 1987. It has 22 structures, which include a 12000 sq ft., bedroom French Normandy style house with attached staff quarters, a 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom guest house, a 50 seat movie theater and stage, a tennis court, train station and tracks, swimming pool , 2 lakes, bridges, streams and fountains and even it’s own fire house. Plus many more enmities.

Michael Jackson, considered by many to be the greatest entertaining artist of all time, wrote some of his top recording hits on the ranch and generously opened it to his friends, business associates and under privileged children to enjoy all on his dime. It was once called the happiest place on earth.

Jackson moved from the premises after Neverland was completely ransacked and raided by 75 officers from the Santa Barbara sherifs dept. ordered by D.A Tom Sneddon who accused him of child molestation. In 2005 after Michael was completely acquitted and found NOT Guilty of All charges, he moved from the premises and CA. With his children, vowing never to return, feeling they had tainted and destroyed it’s innocence. Michael wanted to keep the property for possible future ventures but refused to live there again

In 2008 Thomas Barrack Jr.´s Colony Capital investment firm paid off a 23 million defaulted mortgage for Michael when he fell into financial difficulty and paid Mr Jackson to partner with them and maintain an interest in the property now listed for cool 100 million. It has been beautifully renovated and maintained by the investment firm.

The 2700 acre property is strictly zoned a residential, agricultural area and therefore cannot be used by Colonial or Michael's Estate as a tourist attraction or museum such as Graceland is for Elvis. Therefore the house has remained dormant but for occasionally entertaining of guests and by staff and maintenance, who keep the property in pristine condition until it can be sold. Preferably to someone who can respect the historical significance and enjoy the beautiful home and surrounding area.

The properties is listed by Suzanne Perkins and Harry Kolb of Sotheby’s International Realty, and Jeffrey Hyland of Hilton & Hyland. The listing agents stated they will be doing "extensive prequalification" of potential buyers before showing the property. "Our seller is not encouraging a lot of showings," "We’re not going to be giving tours."

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Michael Jackson Victory: Court Dismisses Wade Robson Lawsuite against MJ Estate.

After waiting over two years, Michael Jackson fans and supporters can rest easy. A Los Angeles judge dismissed dancer Wade Robson’s sexual molestation accusations yesterday, tossing out the creditor’s claim against the King of Pop.

My News LA reports that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who heard Robson’s motion last month, decided to dismiss the claim after the dancer waited close to four years after Jackson’s death to file his case. Robson filed a claim against the Michael Jackson estate in May, 2013, whereas Jackson passed away in 2009. Per California Code of Civil Procedure Section 336.3, a creditor’s claim must be filed one year of the debtor’s date of death.

According to court documents, Robson claims that Jackson repeatedly molested him for several years, starting in 1990 and lasting until 1997. One of Robson’s attorneys, Maryann Marzano, indicated in court last month that although the case was filed past California’s statute of limitations for a creditor’s claim, her client experienced brainwashing, which ultimately held him back from filing in time.

The attorney also said the case "cries out" for equity to ensure that Robson has a full court hearing and can heard out.

One of the attorneys for the Jackson estate, Jonathan Steinsapir, however, stated that regardless of why Robson took so long to file the claim, the fact still remains that he waited to file well past the statute of limitations in California. Statute of limitations are set into place to ensure that people cannot file lawsuits years after the alleged incidents occurred.

Judge Beckloff agreed with Steinsapir. In a 19-page ruling, the judge tossed out the case, rendering it impossible for Robson to move forward to a full court hearing.

lawyer representing the Jackson estate, Howard Weitzman, released a statement shortly after the judge’s decision, bringing up Robson’s 2005 court testimony in which the choreographer was one of the key witnesses for the Michael Jackson’s defense.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brothers Johnson founder, Michael Jackson bassist dead at 60

LOUIS JOHNSON, the founding member of funk group the BROTHERS JOHNSON, who went on to become MICHAEL JACKSON's bass player, has died, aged 60.

Johnson, who appeared on the King of Pop's hits Billie Jean and Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, passed away on Thursday (21May15). He formed the Brothers Johnson with his sibling George in the early 1970s and the act became producer/hitmaker Quincy Jones' backing band before releasing their debut album Look Out for #1 in 1976.

The Brothers Johnson enjoyed chart hits with tracks like I'll Be Good to You and Stomp!, while their acclaimed 1980 album Light Up the Night famously featured Michael Jackson on backing vocals.

Paying tribute to Johnson, Quincy Jones told Rolling Stone, "Louis 'Thunder Thumbs' Johnson was one of the greatest bass players to ever pick up the instrument. "As a member of the Brothers Johnson, we shared decades of magical times working together in the studio and touring the world. From my albums Body Heat and Mellow Madness, to their platinum albums Look Out for #1, Right On Time, Blam and Light Up the Night, which I produced, to Michael's solo debut Off the Wall, I considered Louis a core member of my production team. He was a dear and beloved friend and brother, and I will miss his presence and joy of life every day."

Other tributes have come from Bootsy Collins, The Roots' Questlove and Lenny Kravitz, who tweets: "Thank you for blessing me and the world with your original #funk. RIP."

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Top Earning Deceased Celebrities 2014: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein ...

While living, celebrities can be temperamental and demanding. In death, they become brands that need to be managed. Their images can be attached to everything from T-shirts and posters to fragrances and lingerie, and they can even return from the dead in the form of life-like holograms. Here’s featuring a few of these men and women who have proven the point that there is (financial) life after death.

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Charles Schulz, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Albert Einstein and more ...
Michael Jackson
The King of Pop tops the list with $140 million in earnings. In 2014, he had his second posthumous album release with Xscape, which debuted at No. 2 on the charts. He also appeared (in hologram form) on stage at the Billboard Music Awards. Expect to see more of the same from other deceased celebrity brands as the technology advances to the point where we won’t be able to tell the difference.

  • Elvis Presley
ranking second behind Jackson is Elvis Presley with an estimated $55 million in earnings over the 12-month period in 2014. Authentic Brands Group (ABG) bought the rights to Presley in 2013 for a reported $125 million. Presley’s estate still rakes in millions thanks to the throngs of tourists who visit Graceland each year and Presley’s extensive music library. But ABG plans to boost earnings with (you guessed it) a hologram Presley.

  • Charles Schulz
Cartoonist Charles Schulz ranks third with $40 million. Schulz’s Peanuts characters have never really gone away thanks to online versions of the comic strip and successful merchandising. But now the Peanuts are being introduced to a whole new generation with an upcoming 3D movie from Fox Studios. The movie is slated to be in theatres in November 2015.

  • Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor ranks fourth with $25 million in earnings. Thanks to her best-selling perfume and her old movies, Taylor still rakes it in. But as the last embodiment of old Hollywood glamour, everyone believes there’s a lot more that can be done with her brand. Expect more Elizabeth Taylor merchandise to roll out in the coming years.

  • Bob Marley
The reggae legend’s postmortem earnings are up $2 million in 2014 thanks to a diversified range of ventures: Marley Beverage Company (including Marley Coffee and a ‘relaxation drink’ known as Marley’s Mellow Mood) and House of Marley (producer of eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products). Marley’s estate this year also launched Marley Apparel, a lifestyle clothing line designed by Marley’s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley. His earnings in 2014 totalled $20 million.

  • Marilyn Monroe
Authentic Brand Group, which bought the rights to Monroe in 2011, has been working to strengthen her brand. There is now a line of Monroe lingerie to go with her successful clothing line at Macy’s. Her earnings totalled $17 million in 2014.

  • John Lennon
More than 33 years after the songwriter and crooner was killed in New York City, his estate continues to earn through iTunes sales, a Beatles Cirque du Soleil show and from licensing deals with the likes of Cisco and Mont Blanc. Though the band’s records have yet to be made available on streaming service Spotify, Lennon’s eight-album solo discography was added in October last year. His killer was recently denied parole for the eighth time. His earnings in 2014 totalled $12 million.

  • Albert Einstein
Einstein continues to corner the market on ‘smart’. In addition to things like posters and T-shirts, the scientist now has his own line of tablets. Specially designed for student scientists, they come with built-in sensors to measure things like heart rate, humidity and temperature. His earnings reached $11 million in 2014.

  • Theodor Geisel
With classic books like The Cat In The Hat and The Lorax, Dr Seuss is still a best-selling author bringing in millions for his estate every year. His earnings totalled $9 million in 2014.

  • Bruce Lee
Fans of the martial arts expert can now pretend to be Lee in EA Sports’ newest version of its UFC game. Lee also appeared in an ad for Mazda last year. Lee’s earnings equalled Geisel’s earnings of $9 million in 2014.

Monday, May 18, 2015

2 CELLOS Arrangement and Video: Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us"

2 CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of Michael's ''They Don't Care About Us'. To accompany the recording 2 Cellos have created a powerful video depicting the truth about war.

It was another Michael Jackson interpretation that brought 2CELLOS to prominence in 2011. Their version of Smooth Criminal went viral and landed them a recording deal with Sony Masterworks.

Since then, they’ve enjoyed incredible success with their live performances, touring with famous names like Elton John, and playing alongside Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang. Other famous names with whom they have collaborated include the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age.

Their third and latest album is called CELLOVERSE and was released in January.

Source:  as shared on UK loves MJ Facebook 

    CELLOVERSE  album or single available  on iTunes and Amazon

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Michael Jackson 2015 UNCF Scholarship

The Michael Jackson scholarship provides financial assistance to communication arts and social science students attending a UNCF college/university during the upcoming academic year. High School seniors must be planning to matriculate at a UNCF member school in the fall. Proof of acceptance will be required.

Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The scholarship will provide an award up to $5,000 depending on the financial need of the student as verified by the attending University or College.

For more details and/or to apply, visit 

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The Mystery Man Who Rapped on MJ's ‘Black or White’


Meet The Mystery Man Who Rapped ‘Black or White’

A couple of years ago, I heard the song ‘Black or White’ by Michael Jackson on the radio in my car. When it got to the rap (” See, it’s not about races, just places, faces, where your blood comes from is where your space is, etc…”) I realized that I had no idea who had done the rapping on the song. After googling, I saw that it was credited to someone called L.T.B. who, according to what I could see online, had done nothing before or since dropping that verse.

A friend of mine who I mentioned this to emailed the producer of the song, Bill Bottrell, who is also credited with writing the lyrics to the rap, and asked him for more info on L.T.B.

Bottrell responded the same day and provided a Gmail address that he said belonged to L.T.B. I sent a message to the address asking for an interview, but never received a response.

The mystery of L.T.B. sat in the back of my brain for the next couple of years, rearing its head whenever I heard the song. Each time it crossed my path, I would take to the internet again to try and figure out who the mystery rapper was, but was never able to find anything. Despite the fact that he had rapped on a song that was number one in over 20 countries, with a music video that broke records by being watched by 500 million people on its initial broadcast in 1991, L.T.B.’s internet presence is limited to personnel lists for ‘Black or White’ and unresolved Yahoo Answers threads asking who he is.

Then, last week, after hearing the song again, I thought **** **, and decided to try hitting up Bottrell again to ask if he’d talk to me about the rap. “I can do that,” he emailed back. “It’s not a long story.”

Bill Bottrell

When I spoke to Bottrell on the phone the next day, he admitted that he was the one who had actually performed the rap, using the name L.T.B. as a pseudonym. He explained that, when my friend had emailed him, he had given us another email address of his with the intention of pretending to be another person named L.T.B. to **** with us. “I was gonna do a ruse,” he explained, but had backed out when he realized it would most likely fail. “I think there are a lot of people who already know and the joke wouldn’t have worked so well,” he said.

The video for “Black or White.” The rap, as lip-synced by Macaulay Culkin, comes in around 4:35.

The story of how Bottrell became, in a way, one of the most popular rappers of the 90s started because ‘Black or White,’ a song he had co-written and was producing with Jackson, had a big hole in the middle. “After the first few days of working on it, we really had the core of the song, the verses, the chorus, and Michael sang it really early on,” he told me. “All we had was this big gaping middle section, that sort of just sat that was and on our minds for many months.”

The idea for the rap popped into Bottrell’s head one morning while he was at home, with lyrics inspired by the themes Jackson had covered in his parts of the song. Bottrell recorded a version of the rap which he intended to serve as a temporary filler and played it to Jackson. “He just loved it,” Botrell told me.

Bottrell’s initial plan with the rap was to get an actual rapper to record over his part, and suggested to Jackson that they use LL Cool J or Heavy D, who were both in the studio working on other tracks for the album.

Jackson, however, insisted that they use Bottrell’s recording, something the producer told me he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. “I’m, you know, a songwriter and record producer,” he said. “I’m not a rapper, and I did not intend to be a white guy who’s rapping on there.”

But Jackson insisted—possibly, Bottrell thinks, because he’s white and not a rapper. “The fact that I’m white and I did that rap kind of speaks to the content of the song. So in his mind, it all came together.”

So Bottrell agreed, but, still not entirely comfortable with it, decided he wanted to use a pseudonym. He went with L.T.B. as a reference to the show Leave It to Beaver. “It’s a white suburban kid, I’m making fun of myself,” he said.

Jackson’s faith in his rapping turned out to be well-placed. After the song sold millions of copies and spent seven weeks at the top of the US charts, Bottrell says his manager started getting calls asking L.T.B. to do a full album.

Though I’ve been confounded by the mystery of the rapping on “Black or White” for years, Bottrell told me that he has, in fact, publicly revealed that he is L.T.B. before. That was in a 2001 interview with Sound on Sound, a publication that describes itself as the “world’s premier music recording technology magazine.” But, Bottrell said, the revelation flew under the radar due to the technical nature of the publication. (Sample quote: “I just hooked up a Kramer American guitar to a Mesa Boogie amp, miked it with a Beyer M160, and got that gritty sound as I played to his singing.”)

I’m no music expert, but I can’t think of an earlier example of a huge pop star having a rapper come into their song for a guest verse about two-thirds of the way through the track (something that has become pretty ubiquitous today, on everything from Rihanna’s “Umbrella” to Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat”). I asked Bottrell if he had been the first person to do this, and he said, though he had never really thought about it before, he couldn’t think of a song where someone had done this before him.

He also explained that, when the song had first been released, he had to make an edited version with the rap cut out because mainstream radio stations had no-rap policies and wouldn’t play the song otherwise. “I believe this record might have opened some doors,” he explained. “It’s always a process, right? I think it changed over the next two years, very quickly.”

When I suggested that this might mean that Bottrell might be, without realizing it, one of the most influential rappers of all time, he cut me off with a laugh. “Stop.” he said. “No. Don’t even go there.”

by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Source: The Vice Channels