Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25th 2014, the 5th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing

My heart felt love and gratitude goes out to all the Michael Jackson fans around the world who continue to keep his memory and legacy alive by celebrating his music, honoring his life and all he stood for in this world ~ Qbee

Michael Jackson Fans cover Holly Terrace, his burial place with a Sea of 15,627 Roses

Love Survives so we can Rock Forever ~ Michael Jackson

Today June 25th 2014, the 5th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing. It doesn't seem that long ago to me.  Time does heal  our hearts but time cannot remove all the pain and the great love and respect that Michael's fans have for him all over the world. He is still very much a part of our lives and it's a very special day for us to be able to honor him and celebrate his life. We want the world to see what a great person he was far beyond his amazing Talent.  Not only was he the greatest entertainer to ever grace this planet , he was also one of the most loving, kind and generous men as well.  Any one who actually knew or spent time with Michael have stated the same sentiment about him.  If he had any misgivings or faults it would be, he cared too much, loved too much, gave too much and loved his fans to a fault. They meant everything to him and he meant everything to us as well and he still does to this day.  That will never change.

He is always with us...  Love Lives Forever <3

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