Friday, June 20, 2014

Michael Jackson Flash Mob Descends Upon Park Hyatt

Nice to see Michael Jackson's Chinese fans gather at The Park Hyatt  for a flashmob to promote a MJ Tribute Party being held at Xui June 27th to honor the 5th anniversary of Michael's passing. ~ Qbee

Michael Jackson Flash Mob Descends Upon Park Hyatt

Yesterday, in honor of Michael Jackson's passing five years ago and as promotion for a MJ Tribute Party at Xiu on June 27 (9pm), The Park Hyatt organized a flash mob made up of dancers doing the usual iconic MJ moves to a medley of his songs.

It all begins with one lone wolf, dancing on the pavement, before others – seemingly out of nowhere – coalesce behind him and lock into foot-shaking, moonwalking, hip-thrusting, anti-gravity leaning unison.

Thousands of onlookers start to gather, camera phones are wielded, the intended purpose is achieved, and the dancers disappear, probably to get some lunch.

See the event on video :

Michael Jackson Tribute Party June 27, 9pm at Xiu

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