You know that L.O.V.E. survives
* * * so we can Rock forever * * *


The Love and Legacy of The King of Pop

I created Love Survives to keep fans updated on current news and events surrounding Michael Jackson and to honor the life and musical legacy of The King of Pop.  Learn about his life, his music, and continuing Legacy, through short stories, news articles, photos and updates on the latest fan events. Enjoy easy access to review and purchase new and popular Michael Jackson music, books, DVD's, etc. This is a work in progress, I hope to make "Love Survives" into wonderful resource for you and a great tribute to the Man and Artist, Michael Jackson

Please know Michael Jackson's spirit is alive in all his fans and his
Army of love is growing stronger than ever. The world can not
stop us from continuing to spread the Love and Legacy of the

 King of Pop.

Dear, Michael
you have touched my heart and soul in ways that I never even knew were humanly possible. Thank you for your childlike imagination that brought so much joy into our world, with your music, dance and performances. Bless your childlike heart, that made our world a better place, with your love for the children and humanitarian efforts. You really did make the world a better place and much more exciting while doing it. You are  now Immortalized through your work on this earth and will be forever a King.  I love you for all time.  Qbee

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