MJ Quotes

 Michael Jackson Quotes

"They scream, they cry, they love, they support, they defend, they listen. My fans are everything." ~ Michael Jackson

“Hope is such a beautiful word, but it often seems very fragile. Life is still being needlessly hurt and destroyed.” ~ Michael Jackson 

"My fans truly are a part of me, we share something that most people will never experience." ~ Michael Jackson

"Some friends, you only see them when the sun shines.. My fans sustained me even in dark days. I owe them everything."- Michael Jackson

 "The fans don't know how much I love them so. It really can get to a hurting feeling inside due to how strong I love them all." ~ Michael Jackson

“A thousand years from now, when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and as celebrated as Michael Jackson“ ~ Prince Albert of Monaco

"Music is a mantra that soothes the soul…something our body has to have. It’s important to understand the power of music." ~ Michael Jackson

"Be like children , Not childish BUT childlike."  ~ Michael Jackson

"I want to tell the children of the world, you are all our children, each one of you is my child and I love you all." ~ Michael Jackson

"I'm not trying to be philosophical, but I really think it's my job to help children. And I don't care if people laugh." ~ Michael Jackson

I see God in the face of children. If there were no children on this Earth, if somebody announced that all kids are dead, I would jump off the balcony immediately. I'm done. ~ Michael Jackson

“Over the years we became a family, all of us. You are my family… My children are your children and all the children of the world are our children and our responsibility. ~ Michael Jackson

"No one should judge what I've done with my life, not unless they've been in my shoes every horrible day and every sleepless night." ~ Michael Jackson

“I start to spin as wildly as I can. This is my favorite dance because it contains a secret. The faster I twirl, the more I am still inside. My dance is all motion without all silence within. As much as I love to make music, its the unheard music that never dies." ~ Michael Jackson

"His intelligence is instinctual and emotional, like a child's. If any artist loses that childlike innocence, you lose a lot of creative juice. So Michael creates around himself a world that protects that creativity."  ~ Jane Fonda

Michael has a heightened sensitivity for the crying needs of this world. Through his 'Heal the World Foundation', he works to preserve this planet's most precious resources - children and the environment. He feels much of the same responsibility a parent feels - his children are all of our children. Michael brings so much to so many, he is one of the world's most precious resources himself. ~ Steven Spielberg

“A thousand years from now, when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and as celebrated as Michael Jackson“ ~ Prince Albert of Monaco

I'm a black American, I am proud of my race. I am proud of who I am. I have a lot of pride and dignity. I don't understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance, anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing? ~ Michael Jackson 

"I’m actually relaxed onstage. Totally relaxed. It’s nice. I feel relaxed in the studio too. I know whether something feels right. If it doesn’t, I know how to fix it. Everything has to be in place and if it is you feel good, you feel fulfilled.” ~ Michael Jackson

"When I perform, I lose myself. I’m in total control of that stage. I don’t think about anything. I know what I want to do from the moment I step out there and I love every minute of it." ~ Michael Jackson

"Everything Michael Jackson does on stage is exactly right." ~ Sammy Davis Jr.

"I appreciate all my fans, on all occasions, everyday of my life. Its your presence & your loyalty that has given me great strength"- Michael Jackson

“Needless to say, I love the interaction between the sexes; it is a natural part of life and I love women. I just think that when sex is used as a form of blackmail or power, it’s a repugnant use of one of God’s gifts.” ~ Michael Jackson [Moonwalk p. 174]

“I do think that marriage can be a wonderful thing if it’s the right thing for the two people involved. I believe in love – very much so – how can you not believe after you’ve experienced it? I believe in relationships. One day, I know I’ll find the right woman and get married myself.”~ Michael Jackson   [Moonwalk p. 254]

"I’m not f*****g with Michael Jackson fans. I’m not that dumb. Mike’s sweet, his fans are vicious. Attack him, you’re already considered dead.” ~ George Carlan

"... none of these stories are true, they are totally fabricated, and it’s very sad, it’s very, very painful. And I pray a lot and er, that’s how I deal with it and I’m a strong person, I’m a warrior. And I know what’s inside of me. I’m a fighter. But it’s very painful. At the end of the day, I’m human, you know, I’m still a human being. So it does hurt very, very, very much." ~ Michael Jackson

"I believe in the Bible and I try to follow the Bible. I know I’m an imperfect person, I’m not making myself out to be an angel. Because I’m not an angel & I’m not a devil either. I try to be the best I can and I try to do what I think is right. It’s that simple." ~ Michael Jackson

''When children see Michael Jackson, they see a human being. When adults see him they see money'' ~ Phil Collins

“A perfectionist has to take his time,” he explained. “He shapes and molds and sculpts that thing until it’s perfect. He can’t let it go before he’s satisfied; he can’t.” ~ Michael Jackson

“I’m not a comedian. I’m not a show host. I’m a musician. That’s why I’ve turned down offers to host the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards. Is it really entertaining for me to get up there and crack a few weak jokes and force people to laugh because I’m Michael Jackson, when I know in my heart that I’m not funny?” ~ Michael Jackson

"He was very spiritual, and always led his band in prayer before each show. I was late arriving from make-up one show, and the prayer was just ending. Seeing my disappointment, Michael pulled me aside, and prayed just him and me. He was just that caring and attentive. He was a beautiful soul." ~ Seidah Garrett

"Wherever you go - in every country, or in every continent, people yearn and hunger for only one thing, to love and be loved. Love transcends international boundaries and heals the wounds of hatred, racial, prejudice, bigotry and ignorance. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation." ~ Michael Jackson

“I totally enjoy what I'm doing and bringing joy into people's lives. To me, and if I can bring one second of joy into a child or a grown-up's life, then I have achieved my lifetime ambition.” ~Michael Jackson

"He raised the bar and then broke the bar." ~ Berry Gordy

"I look at things and try to imagine what is possible and then hope to surpass those boundaries." ~Michael Jackson

‎'What I'm asking is whether this is still a country where a peculiar person such as Michael Jackson can get a fair shake and be considered innocent until proven guilty ... or is this just a 21st-century American barnyard where we all feel free to turn on the moon walking rooster... and peck it to death?' ~ Stephen King,  in "You Don't Know Jackson" (13 February 2004)

“What is the definition of cool? Michael Jackson made “Heal the World.” He could do that because he was golden. He was himself. He didn’t have to try to be cool. Think about a lot of your favorite bands or groups. Would they make a song called “Heal the World”? No, because they are too concerned about their leather jackets. Ironically, they are probably wearing leather jackets because of Michael Jackson.” ~ Kanye West

From Dancing The Dream
"Holding on to love is not wrong, but you need to learn to hold it lightly, caressingly. Let it fly when it wants. When it's allowed to be free, love is what makes life alive, joyful, and new. As long as love is in my heart, it's everywhere."  Michael Jackson

“Michael has the quality that separates the merely sentimental from the truly heartfelt. It’s rooted in the blues, and no matter what Michael is singing, that boy’s got the blues.” ~ Marvin Gaye

“I’ve seen lawyers who don’t represent me and spokespeople who do not know me speaking for me. These characters always seem to surface with dreadful allegations just as another project, an album, a video is being released.” ~ Michael Jackson,

Michael Jackson is the most astonishing person I’ve ever met on the face of this planet. I never expected to meet anybody like him, I never suspected there was anybody like him…He lived to give." ~ Howard Bloom

"You read stories of great artists with egos, and nobody wants to be around them. That was not Michael. Michael was a great artist and a great genius, and everybody loved him". ~ John Branca

"I was pleased Michael was cleared.  My only experience of his dealings with children is that Michael Jackson has unselfishly helped every cause and every individual child I have sent his way." ~ Pete Townshend."  The who

"I am going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame and I have wanted it,  I have wanted it because  I wanted to be loved. That's all. That's the real truth." ~ Michael Jackson

"I don’t think I’m better than other people, I think I’m different from other people, because I do different things." ~ Michael Jackson

"Michael Jackson, he is just like; he is the king of it all. Everything that every one's doing now, he's already done." ~ Brandy

"We share his concern for the children who have been victims of war. We applaud Michael for his sensitivity and efforts." ~ Boyz II Men

"...he has like a cajelion fans around the world & They stick by him through all the shit he's been through, that's a true artist, those are true fans"~ Eminem

How can we preach, when all we make this world to be is a living hell torturing our minds. We all must unite, to turn darkness to light, And the love in our hearts will shine. ~ Michael Jackson

"Not only do I think that he is highly intelligent but also outstandingly educated. … He is extremely beautiful, fragile and totally unearthly. I always had the feeling that he is not standing on the floor but slightly floating on air. Michael Jackson knows that he appears like that on others and he also knows how to employ it." ~ Gottfried Helnwein, austrian-irish artist

“I pray that my children will give me the benefit of the doubt. That they will say to themselves: “Our daddy did the best he could, given the unique circumstances that he faced. He may not have been perfect, but he was a warm and decent man, who tried to give us all the love in the world… I hope that they will always focus on the positive things, on the sacrifices I willingly made for them, and not criticize the things they had to give up, or the errors I’ve made, and will certainly continue to make, in raising them. For we have all been someone’s child, and we know that despite the very best of plans and efforts, mistakes will always occur. That’s just being human.“ ~ Michael Jackson – Oxford Speech 2001

"I’m a person of the arts. I love the arts very, very, very much. And ah, I’m a musician, I’m a director, I’m a writer, I’m a composer, I’m a producer, and I love the medium. I love film very, very much. I think it’s the most expressive of all of the art mediums." ~ Michael Jackson

"What I enjoy most about performing is making people happy. Just to make a person smile means more to me than anything." ~ Michael Jackson

"I love great music — it has no color, it has no boundaries." ~ Michael Jackson

"My feelings about Michael Jackson are simple I think that um… he’s a human being like everyone else and I’m a huge fan of Michael… and um… nobody is perfect." ~ LL Cool J

He (Michael Jackson ) is really just a nice guy and he would just love to be a happy person and smile all the time and all they want to do is call him things and he has to recline into his shell." ~ Anastacia, 2002

"I´m committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do. And I feel fortunate in being that instrument through which music flows" ~ Michael Jackson

"Deep inside I feel that this world we live in is really a big, huge, monumental symphonic orchestra. I believe that in its primordial form all of creation is sound and that it’s not just random sound, that it’s music. You’ve heard the expression, music of the spheres? Well, that’s a very literal phrase. In the Gospels, we read, “And the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” That ‘breath of life’ to me is the music of life and it permeates every fiber of creation."~ Michael Jackson

"It's been my dream since I was a child to somehow unite people of the world through love and music." - Michael Jackson

"Being a world traveler, I’m touched and moved by everything that happens, especially to children. It gets me emotionally sick and I go through a lot of pain when I see that type of pain. I can’t pretend as if I don’t see it. It affects me very much." ~ Michael Jackson 

"Michael is one of the nicest people I know. He only looks for the good in people. He is very charming, and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is a very kind and gentle man. He is a sponge for knowledge. Michael is a perfectionist and will not quit until its right in his eyes. He can also be tough, but he is always fair in my opinion." ~ Frank Dileo 

"He’s what the French call a 'monstre sacre', a 'holy monster' - someone who is absolutely unique." ~ Gregory Peck

"One can feel the urge, the need to give, coming from within him. He is such a pure and true person. … It’s my deepest, most heartfelt conviction that Michael Jackson is a good person, a fine young man with an incredible burden - responsibility - to carry on his shoulders." ~ Marcel Marceau

Unfortunate most people cannot see the spiritual light of a person - but who could see Michael Jackson’s light would fall down to his knees." ~ Don Pedro von Hellmann
(spritual teacher & author 2003)

“With my music, with what I do, I would like to bring a light into the world." ~ Michael Jackson

“I am a slave to the rhythm.  I am a palette.  I just go with the moment.  You’ve got to do it that way because if you’re thinking, you’re dead.  Performing is not about thinking; it’s about feeling.” ~ Michael Jackson

" I love Michael Jackson. He made me believe I could do and be anything. That’s what being an artist is about. Inspiring others. He did that for so many and he sacrificed his entire Life for his Art. He studied everything old and new and he created a Legacy that will live on forever. You can hear it on the radio and see it on television. He gave us stardust ". ~ seven-time Grammy nominated R& B singer Ledisi [Young]

“The idea is to take it a step forward and innovate. Or else why am I doing it? I don’t want to be just another can in the assembly line. I want to create – do something that is totally different and unusual.” ~ Michael Jackson