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Siggy Jackson Speaks Out: What Does The Jackson Family Feel About Estate Executor Branca?

Siggy Jackson. Jackie Jackson's son  has a radio program  where he answers questions, Plays music and discusses various topics. On April 17th  he addressed a question asking about the families feeling toward Estate Executor John Branca.  I think we can say with a  surety he isn't speaking for Latoya Jackson who constantly has implicated Branca with her conspiracy theories.  But it is interesting to hear his reply regarding all the rumours. He thinks Michael was a shrewed Business man who chose Branca, McClain and Katherine Jackson for their positions for a good reason.  He also stated John Branca has been nothing but good to the Jackson family. ~ Qbee










SIGGY JACKSON Jackson Truth Radio
 Siggy “Dealz” Jackson is the son of Jackie Jackson the eldest Member of the legendary group the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons.

Jackson Truth Radio will allow callers from around the world to call in and ask questions regarding the world’s most famous musical family. There will also be in studio interviews featuring many of the Jackson family members from all generations!

New music from the family including the Jacksons, Dealz, 3T, Austin Brown, Genevieve Jackson and more will be played and featured on this channel.

There will be in studio interviews with other celebrities and independent recording artists trying to break into the industry.

The topics on this show will range from anything in the world of entertainment, sports, politics, cars, motorcycles or anything else that may come up! And you never know what to expect when “Dealz” and co-host Toyia Parker get together, the topics and conversation can get out of control in a hurry! Immediately you will find out that Siggy “Dealz” Jackson is not the typical Jackson. Completely contrary to his reserved and soft-spoken family, “Dealz” is raw, out-spoken and in your face!

So call in with questions for “Dealz” or just tune in for pure entertainment “Jackson Style” or should we say, “SIGGY Jackson STYLE!” 


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Michael Jackson's Great Love For The Earth and All Living Things

This is a beautiful video created by myrvette0308   to show how concerned Michael Jackson was about environmental issues and his great love for the people, nature and animals. It features a spoken word poem written by Michael , entitled "Planet Earth" which was first published in his "Dancing The Dream" book. In the poem you can here the soft, sweetness of his voice showing his love for our world.

The video also features in comparison Michael's "Earth Song" which shows his great concern and is a cry to save the world from impending disaster. It is imperative we listen and take action to take care of the planet to insure we can continue to coexist with our beautiful Earth. because with or without us she will still remain one of God's most beautiful creations.

The reality is the Earth doesn't need us to exist. We need her. I like Michael believe mankind was called by God to be stewards of the Earth and all living things so we can thrive together. All of God's creation is his glory. I hope we will all be inspired to action by his beautiful voice, music and message


Michael Jackson's Planet Earth  Poem and The Earth Song 
are both available on Michael's  THIS IS IT  ALBUM
released in 2009 shortly after his death. It debuted at
Number One on the Billboard Charts

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dick Clark was one of the world’s greatest showman and one of pop music’s most influential ambassadors. He made music history many times over. Bandstand brought black entertainers and their music into living rooms across America for the first time, and in Atlanta in 1958, he put on one of the first racially integrated pop music concerts, while the National Guard looked on. Michael and Dick had a very special relationship, and we think of him fondly and with gratitude.

John Branca, John McClain, Co-Executors
 The Estate of Michael Jackson

Dressing Michael Jackson: Behind the Seams of a Fashion Icon [Hardcover]

Wow Im really looking foward to this book about Michael's Iconic costumes and wardrobe from Michael Lee Bush .Looks like it has approval from the MJ  Estate with a forward written by John Branca. It will be released October 16.  Im so excited to get this book  ~ Qbee

Dressing Michael Jackson: Behind the Seams of a Fashion Icon
Michael Bush (Author), John Branca (Foreword)

Publication Date: October 16, 2012 - Dressing Michael Jackson: Behind the Seams of a Fashion Icon is a fascinating look at the intersection of music and fashion, as well as an homage to Michael Jackson’s brilliant fusing of costume, personality, and performance to create his iconic image. This is the first art-driven book about the costumes, apparel, shoes, and accessories worn by Michael Jackson, including hundreds of lavish photographs and a behind-the-scenes look into the process of collaborating with him on the making of his wardrobe, written by his longtime costume designer Michael Bush.

Dressing Michael Jackson will feature exquisite photographs of the striking fashions worn by Michael at the height of his career, as well as images showing the carefully planned construction of the clothes to incorporate his unique dance moves and the details of the dynamic fabrics, metals, and other materials used. Accompanying text will provide insight into the artists’ methodology and captivating stories from the decades-long relationship between Michael Jackson and his fashion designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. Their stories are funny and touching, and show a personal and artistic side of Michael Jackson never before revealed.

You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.
Ships from and sold by

Michael Lee Bush and Denis Tomkins

A picture of the road case in MJJ's off stage dressing room for HIStory Tour

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tracy Morgan's, Swarovski Crystal-Studded Michael Jackson Jacket

Tracy Morgan Introduces Us to His Custom-Made, Swarovski Crystal-Studded Michael Jackson Jacket

For over a decade, Tracy Morgan—the comedian and 30 Rock actor—lusted after the holy grail of menswear: the sublime, rhinestone-studded jacket Michael Jackson wore alongside Liz Taylor to his 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Two-hundred thousand Swarovski crystals later, Morgan unveiled his own version of the piece at this week’s New York premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour” show. “He gave us everything he had!” Morgan told GQ. “That’s why I got my jacket made, and that’s why I love that jacket—it’s an exact replica of Michael’s. There’s only two of them in the world: He had one. And I have one.” During our conversation with Michael’s biggest fan, we asked him Kanye’s eternal question: “What’s that jacket?” Morgan responded with a full-on MJ history lesson, a pledge to acquire Bruce Lee’s nunchaku, and a meditation on anger and greatness.

GQ: The best thing at the red carpet for Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour” NYC premiere was your MJ-inspired jacket. Let’s talk about it.
Tracy Morgan:
I didn’t think anyone noticed! I felt it was appropriate. I wanted to represent him because I’m his biggest fan ever.

GQ: So how did the jacket come to be?
Tracy Morgan: Oh, man, the process took about three months. My boy Leo Velazquez made it for me from scratch. There’s over 200,000 Swarovski crystals on it. I loved the jacket, ever since he wore it to his 30th anniversary concert. It was the day before 9/11, and he walked into Madison Square Garden with Liz Taylor, and I fell in love with it and said, “One day, I’m going to get that jacket.” So we first tried to track it down. And when we couldn’t purchase it or receive it, I decided I was going to have it made. I told Leo Velazquez—a young designer who’s awesome and designs clothes for Usher and everything—what I wanted to do. He thought it was going to be a simple thing. He said, “I can have it done in three weeks.” I said, “You sure about that?” Before you know it, it was three months. He unveiled it to me, and it was an awesome jacket.

GQ: How did you feel when you first put it on?
Tracy Morgan: I felt like Mike. I felt like only Michael could wear this! I couldn’t believe it. Where am I going to wear this? There’s only two of them made in the world. Michael had one, and now I have one. I think when I showed up that night, people couldn’t believe it.

GQ: What did you think of the show?
Tracy Morgan: The show made me go, “Michael, why did you leave me?” It was incredible. If this show is what it is…imagine him. I never got to meet him. Unfortunately, he ran out of time, and I never got to see him perform in concert. I just wish I could’ve shared space with him. I wish I could’ve shook his hand. I wish I could’ve walked with him.

GQ: At what point during the performance were you most emotional?
Tracy Morgan: The whole thing. For me, watching the show was like the soundtrack of my life. Every song I could remember where I was in my life. Michael was the only person to me that truly, I believe, truly tried to bring world peace and love to this world. Everybody else is a politician or whatever. Mike, to me, gave us everything. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for donations. Just for helping people. People tried to take advantage of him, since he was a baby. He gave us everything he had! That’s why I got my jacket made, and that’s why I love that jacket—it’s an exact replica of Michael’s. There’s only two of them in the world: He had one. And I have one.

GQ: That’s an incredible connection to have. If you could perform in any of the scenes of the show, which would it be?
Tracy Morgan: “Bad.” Or “Smooth Criminal.” Because I love the choreography in “Smooth Criminal.” I love the choreography in “Bad” because he shot that in a train station in Brooklyn, and I lived up the block. I remember when everybody in my neighborhood found out. We all went down there, but they wouldn’t let us down there to see him. The name of that station was Hoyt-Schermerhorn in Brooklyn. Quincy Jones produced the song and Martin Scorsese was the director.

GQ: Can you do any of his dances from “Bad” or “Smooth Criminal”?
Tracy Morgan: I used to. My knees are bad now. That was it. Michael’s the ultimate entertainer. After Michael Jackson, it’s Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Bruce Lee.

GQ: Where’s the Bruce Lee in you?
Tracy Morgan: WHAT?! The Master!? Come on, man, that’s a trick question. Bruce Lee. Say, it goddamn it. Bruce Lee! [screams] See what I’m saying?! That’s Bruce, baby.

GQ: I definitely see it now.
Tracy Morgan: Right now I’m trying to get one of Evel Knievel’s authentic helmets.

GQ: So you’re collecting something from each of your idols.
Tracy Morgan: Big time collector. I also want to get some Richard Pryor memorabilia. I spoke to Richard Pryor’s wife on the phone last night, Jennifer. She’s going to see if she can send me some stuff of Richard’s. You know, my favorites, man.

GQ: What about Bruce Lee’s tracksuit?
Tracy Morgan: I love Bruce Lee. I’m trying to get some of his nun-chucks, but I think they auctioned his stuff off on his birthday in Hong Kong. Maybe I can pick up a pair of authentic nun-chucks. Some of the chucks from Game of Death or something.

GQ: That would be amazing. I could see you wielding those. If anyone messes with you…
Tracy Morgan: If I get some Bruce Lee nun-chucks that he actually used in a movie, those are going in the case. Those will never be used. Those will never be touched.

GQ: I hope you get it.
Tracy Morgan: Nobody’s mind is where my mind is. These are incredible people. [Michael Jackson's] jacket was incredible. You should’ve seen it in the Garden with the lights hitting it. It was just one big bling. People were in awe. Imagine when Mike wore it? The jacket weighs twenty pounds.

GQ: It weighs twenty pounds?
Tracy Morgan: It weighs twenty pounds.

GQ: So whenever you lift your arms, it’s like doing a set of small weights.
Tracy Morgan: Yeah, yeah.

GQ: Going back to the show, you’re seeing dancing mummies, flying bat creatures, and entire fleets of guys dancing MJ-style. What’s going on inside your head as all this is happening?
Tracy Morgan: Oh, man, it was a gamut of emotions that went through me that night. Crying, sometimes. Thinking about his family, his kids, his mom. Thinking about all the great moments Michael Jackson gave us through the years of entertainment and his voice, his singing. Thinking about being a fan, you know? What all those fans do when they see their favorite. How did he make that up? What was his imagination like? He was so inquisitive. People I’ve known, some people in show business, have met him. And one thing everybody says consistently is that he was so sweet, he was such a gentleman. To me, that is an example of the way I’d like to be. Be myself, be real, but be sweet. But be helpful. Be caring. Believing. That’s the message I got through the whole show. He expressed his anger through his music. And sometimes through his dance. It was all art. If we all had a little bit of Michael Jackson in us, I think it would make the world a better place. There were things that happened; he had issues. People’s childhoods get messed up. Sometimes I think we’re exposed to things we shouldn’t be exposed to too early. I think that sets the tone to a person’s whole life. Trauma.

GQ: He was so young when it all happened to him.
Tracy Morgan: He was so young when they got famous. He was six. And I know, being an adult, how difficult fame can be. Imagine being six. People call him this, and they say that, but I guess he tried the best the he could. Life gets complicated. We’re all just doing the best that we can. So I try not to judge, you know? If you walked a mile in his shoes, I don’t think anyone else could’ve dealt with what Mike dealt with. Fame. People fracture, we break easily. One thing was constant with him, his music. So that’s what I focus on.

GQ: Right, giving his story context. Even the history behind “Billy Jean” is terrifying…a woman sent Michael a gun to kill himself, and she’s said to have inspired the song.
Tracy Morgan: Someone sent him a gun? That’s freaky stuff, man, that’s enough to trip anybody up. Someone sends you a gun in the mail. He took that and he wrote a song, and it was probably the greatest song of all time.

GQ: And with that song specifically, he wore a black rhinestone jacket at his “Motown 25″ performance.
Tracy Morgan: You got to understand, after that performance, the next morning Fred Astaire called him, said it was the greatest performance he’d ever seen. Michael Jackson danced out of anger. All that “Ah, Ah” [sharp exhaling sounds] and grabbing himself? That was out of anger, man. Sometimes anger is the best motivation. I do stand up sometimes out of anger. Sometimes the greatest stuff comes from a dark place.

Listen, Bruce Lee fought out of anger. That’s why they call it the Fists of Fury. Michael Jackson danced with fury. I do stand up out of fury. I’m not mad at anybody. I’m not mad at any human being because I’m a human being. They can be complicated. What I’m mad and pissed off at is greatness. If you’re not mad about greatness, then you accept mediocrity. I won’t accept nothing mediocre. Michael didn’t care about big. He didn’t care about bigger. Meant nothing to him. Only thing that mattered to Michael was the biggest. And that’s what he became: the biggest. So I went to see Michael Jackson’s Cirque du Soleil. And I did it big like Michael would’ve did it. And that was for my man MJ. I didn’t get to see him in real life, but hey man, I had to give him that.     

By Stelios Phili

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Immortal tour Saxophonist Mike Phillips Played for Prince and got noticed by Michael

Saxophonist who played for Prince and got noticed by Michael Jackson now honors the King of Pop in Cirque's 'Immortal World Tour

Saxophonist Mike Phillips was big-game-tested when he was recruited for Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour." After gigs playing the national anthem on opening day for the Kansas City Royals and halftime shows at the Super Bowl with Prince and Stevie Wonder, there's little that can phase you, even playing from a high vantabehind the mask, ge point that oversees the action of a Cirque show.

"With pyro, lights, the energy from everywhere and a lot of things on the outskirts that assist the music and the presentation, let's put it this way, and I know it sounds crazy, but playing four Super Bowl halftime shows with all of that gets you ready for Cirque," Mr. Phillips said.

Not so crazy. Cirque's "Immortal Tour" is more like a halftime marathon that is now in its sixth month. It includes 32 songs played live to recordings of Michael Jackson's voice, his finger snaps and foot taps, while the band rocks out from its position above the acrobats, dancers and pageantry. The show's sensory assault comes courtesy of writer and director Jamie King, a designer of tours for entertainers such as Rihanna and Madonna, including the latter's 2012 Super Bowl halftime show.

"Immortal" features more than 60 performers from around the world and enough props and equipment to roll into the Petersen Events Center aboard 35 trucks.

It all starts with the music of the late Michael Jackson, with arrangements by his longtime collaborator and "Immortal" music director Greg Phillinganes.

"They extracted Michael's masters and custom made and tailored the songs to specific acts ... Cirque is perfect for that," Mr. Phillips said by phone before heading to Pittsburgh. "They have a way of putting together a presentation that will bring you through different moods. Once that happened and I was in rehearsal, I was absolutely amazed. To look at the greatest artist of all time, the King of Pop, and the greatest company that could put on a spectacle like this, I think it's the perfect merger."

The show includes a mere few who interacted with Jackson before his death at age 50 in 2009, including several members of the band: bass player Don Boyette, singer Fred White and drummer Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett. Mr. Phillips met the King of Pop on a couple of occasions and performed a jazz saxophone solo on the single "Behind the Mask," a song on the posthumous album "Michael," released in December 2010.

"I met him once in Vegas when he came to the Prince show," said Mr. Phillips, who played the Purple One's Musicology tour in 2004. "You know, they always say that Michael and Prince were in competition, and I believe that, but it was a competition with a lot of respect of each other's musical abilities. It was almost like, when you play HORSE in basketball, you see a shot and say, oh, I can make that, or I can do better than that. Even watching Mike and Prince interact that time in Vegas, the way they were looking at each other, they had so much respect.

"And I met Michael and he shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said, 'I truly enjoyed you on saxophone. You're bad.' Those were his words verbatim. And I think that's what led to him requesting me for 'Behind the Mask.' "

When Cirque came calling, though, Mr. Phillips wasn't so sure. He had just finished recording "Behind the Mask" when he first heard the pitch from John McClain, co-executor of the Jackson estate.

"I'm out shooting hoops in the back of the studio on Sunset in LA, and he says, 'We're putting together a show for Michael, like a circus show.' And I was like, I don't want to play for that. I didn't know it was Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is the creme de la creme of entertainment. So just playing for the circus, I was like, I don't know if I want to do that, brother. Once I found out it was Cirque du Soleil, I called him back and absolutely said yes, but still, I was concerned about how would it work."

Now, from the perspective of six months on the road with the tour, he couldn't be more enthusiastic.

Mr. Phillips often plays gigs at small venues to showcase his solo work, and members of his tour family come along to cheer him on, sometimes joining him to dance on stage.

And from the band space that Mr. Phillips says is the best seat in the house to watch the Cirque show, he can enjoy the work of the performers below -- although it can be distracting.

"From where I stand, I see absolutely everything, which sometimes is not a good thing because there's so much going on that you can get caught up in it and miss a part. I'm not gonna lie, that's happened a couple of times. I'm like, wow, look at that move, and a part just passes."

He said one of the showstoppers who has been known to cause him and the audience to perhaps skip a breath in amazement is the pole dancer. wrote of the performance of Felix Cane, two-time world pole-dancing champion, that she "maneuvered in the sky dancing on a pole -- with no harness -- appropriately performing to 'Dangerous,' as the audience was captivated by her every move."

"She's responsible for most of my missed notes," Mr. Phillips said, laughing. "And 'Smooth Criminal.' When they do the lean like the Michael Jackson video, I'm just amazed because they go all the way down to the floor and come back up. It's just like, man ... the only way I can describe it is it's sonic and visual sensory overload."

Mr. Phillips says often that the show is driven by Jackson's voice, and the band has several important roles, notably cues that trigger the action for acrobats and dancers.

Consistency is important, but it doesn't always go by rote. Each stop on the tour provides its own unique spark. The Philadelphia native likes to observe what makes an audience tick.

"Every town has a different energy, and our job is to understand it and tap into it," he said. "Like Detroit, for instance, that's the type of town where they work hard, like Pittsburgh, so if we buy a ticket, we want every bit of our money's worth. In LA, everybody is looking around to see who else is there, looking fabulous. If you're in New York and you're not bringing it hard, they are looking at you like, whatever. And we're in New York now, and they are on their feet. So each venue, each town has a different spirit to them you have to really understand."

While on tour, Mr. Phillips also plies his trade and takes the pulse of cities in smaller venues like the Taboo 2 Bistro & Bar in Atlanta April 25 and the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom in Baltimore May 4. He's played stadiums and arenas, including the Mellon Arena with Prince back in 2004.

As the Cirque tour stretches through the United States and Canada before heading to Europe in October, Mr. Phillips said the big show and his smaller shows provide a perfect career balance, even for someone who has played President Clinton's Inaugural Gala at The Kennedy Center, the 80th birthday celebration for President Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the Billboard Music Awards, TV appearances and oh, yeah, those halftime gigs.

For now, he's happy to be a part of this particular circus as long as it lasts, because it honors the man he calls "the greatest entertainer of all time."

"One of my favorite quotes goes something like, 'You might forget what someone said to you, sometimes you might forget what they do, but you'll never forget how they made you feel.' At the end of the night, that's what this is all about. Making people feel Michael's spirit through the presentation that only Cirque can put together."    

By Sharon Eberson / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hot News! U.S. federal trademark registration filed for BAD 25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC

No official announcement from the Estate of Michael Jackson yet but I think this brings  confirmation BAD 25 is coming !!  and in a BIG Way .. Im so excited ~ Qbee

Hot News! On Thursday, March 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85583326 was filed for BAD 25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC. with the description Musical sound recordings; audiovisual recordings featuring music and musical entertainment; motion picture films featuring music and musical entertainment; computer application software for mobile phones; downloadable ring tones and graphics for mobile phones; downloadable image and graphics files featuring display screen backgrounds or wallpapers, widgets, icons and photographs; downloadable podcasts in the field of music; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, booklets and brochures in the field of music and entertainment; electronic game programs; video game software; storage cases for compact discs and DVDs; cell phone cases and covers; decorative light switch plates; electric signs; computer mouse pads; eyewear, eyewear accessories, namely, straps, neck cords and head straps which restrain eyewear from movement on a wearer; magnets.

Hot News Hot News! On Thursday, March 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85583327 was filed for BAD25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC. with the description Paper goods and printed matter, namely, posters; children's books; books in the field of music and entertainment, series of fiction books; comic books, bumper stickers, stickers, calendars, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, activity books, both printed and blank; binders, notebooks, stationery, note pads, writing tablets, paper table cloths, paper napkins, pencils, markers, erasers, coloring books, writing pens, non-calibrated rulers, paper weights, paper coasters, bookmarks, book covers and holders, paper place mats; photo albums; address books; fan club newsletters, post cards, holiday cards, greeting cards, art prints, printed art reproductions, merchandise bags; children's activity books and picture books; photographs, gift wrap paper; souvenir collection books for movies and other audiovisual productions; souvenir collection books commemorating the life of a famous pop star; entertainment tour memorabilia collection books; event programs; song books; sheet music books; picture books; decals; magazines, newsletters, booklets, pamphlets and brochures in the field of music and entertainment; lithographs; precious metal money clips; letter openers of precious metal and book markers of precious metal.

Hot News Hot News! On Thursday, March 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85583328 was filed for BAD 25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC. with the description Clothing, namely, shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, belts, socks, sweatshirts, jerseys, shorts, jogging suits, sweat pants; headwear; scarves, gloves, coats, hosiery, neckties, rainwear, swimwear, sleepwear, robes, thermal underwear, headbands, and wristbands; footwear; costumes for use in children's dress up play; costumes for use in role-playing games; dance shoes; dance costumes; masquerade costumes and masks sold in connection therewith; novelty headwear with attached wigs; infant wear; infants' shoes and boots.

Hot News Hot News! On Thursday, March 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85583329 was filed for BAD 25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC. with the description Soft drinks.

Hot News Hot News! On Thursday, March 29, 2012, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 85583330 was filed for BAD 25 by TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, INC. with the description Entertainment services, namely, live and televised performances featuring musical, dance, dramatic, and comedic presentations; entertainment services, namely, an ongoing series featuring music and dance provided through the Internet, television, satellite, and audio media; film, theater, radio, videotape and television program production services; entertainment in the nature of a continuing television drama series, entertainment in the nature of a continuing television comedy series; entertainment in the nature of television news shows; music publishing services; song writing services; audio recording and production; record and music production; recording studio services; magazine publication services; providing recreational activities facilities for others; recreational camps; recreational park services; amusement parks; art exhibitions; dance instruction; entertainment services, namely, operating a museum and providing guided tours of the museum; providing theme park services; dance events; dance schools; dance studios; museums; entertainment services, namely, providing podcasts in the field of music; entertainment services, namely, providing information and commentary online in the field of music; providing newsletters in the field of music via e-mail; entertainment services, namely, providing pre-recorded music, video and graphics, providing information in the field of music, and commentary and articles about music, all on-line; providing an Internet website portal featuring musical performances, musical videos, film clips, photographs and other multimedia materials; fan club services; educational services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops in the field of music and entertainment.


Friday, April 06, 2012

What was Michael Michael Jackson Vision for his comeback show 'This is It'?

I love finding  these beautiful positive articles about Michael's creativity and purpose.  I really appreciate these words. Michael wanted to help others and he had forthought in how he could do that with his music and art. He really did come from a place of love. He gave back to the places and countries he toured in much more than just performing. Also People felt something moving in their hearts when they went to his concerts. He inspired his audience to heal the world.  I believe that was Michael's intent when he created his music and performed in concert.  I also believe after having the opportunity to attend that  the Cirque "Immortal World Tour" tries to convey the same message. ~ Qbee

What would Michael Jackson have done with his comeback show 'This is It'?

FIFTY SOLD-OUT London arena shows were already in the bank. So what would Michael Jackson have done next with his big career comeback show, "This Is It," ...

"Kuala Lumpur was to be the next stop," said Travis Payne, then working on the show's choreography with its?"brilliant" star and director Kenny Ortega. "Michael wanted to revolutionize the way tours were being done. He was always thinking like a great producer, too. He was telling us we needed to design a way to maximize the audience that could see him with less travel time for him and the company. So he proposed setting up the show for two or three months in a single location, make that a portal, as opposed to being on a plane, jumping from city to city, twice a week."

And why Kuala Lumpur, the most populous city in Malaysia, and other locations on Jackson's portal wish list in India and the Republic of Sri Lanka?

"Just as he did on the HIStory tour, when we went to Northern Africa, the idea was to set up in a region that was struggling and could really benefit economically from having us there. Everything Michael did came from a place of love and the commitment to do good. That's the way he was with us working on the show - you felt like you were being nurtured, constantly stimulated and encouraged to come up with the best ideas in a collective situation.

"And that's where his art was coming from," added Payne. "His concept was not just to make a great song you could dance to. His way was to reel you in and get your attention, so then you'd get the deep message. That was the science to it. That's why his music transcended generations, appealed to little children, older people, everyone. And hopefully, people who see the Cirque show are now feeling all that, too. That was our intent."

- Jonathan Takiff

Click below for  Jonathon  Takiff's  Review

Cirque show captures Michael Jackson's magic