Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michael Jackson's doctor pleaded not guilty today to a charge of involuntary manslaughter

Los Angeles— Michael Jackson's doctor pleaded not guilty today to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the pop superstar's death as the case moved rapidly toward a trial that will likely be televised.

"Your honor, I am an innocent man," Murray told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor in a soft voice. "I definitely plead not guilty."

Lawyers for Murray, who is accused of giving Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol and other sedatives, said they would be ready to go to trial within the 60-day statutory time limit, which would make for an unusually speedy trial.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said the prosecution would be ready to go as well for the trial he estimated would last six weeks. The judge scheduled the trial to begin March 28 and set a pretrial hearing for Feb. 7.

Frank Cascio to write memoir of his friend Michael Jackson

This is one book Ill be looking forward to. There are so many rumours and negative stories written about Michael from those who never knew him.  Hearing from Michael's good friend Frank Casio will be a breath of fresh air.  We need to balance the misinformation and lies being spread about Michael. Frank has been a trusted friend and associate of Michael for many many years.

Exclusive: Frank Cascio, Michael Jackson’s closest friend and longtime associate, has signed a book deal with HarperCollins’s William Morrow division.

Cascio, who sometimes has been known as Frank Tyson, is the eldest son of the Cascio family of New Jersey, Jackson’s surrogate family.

It was Cascio to whom Michael turned in 2003 when he needed someone to oversee the Arvizo family.It was Cascio’s record keeping that helped exonerate Jackson on the counts of conspiracy in 2005.

Now Frank Cascio will explain his and his family’s long relationship with Michael and with his kids. Frank is also setting up a charitable venture into which he will contribute proceeds from the book. I hear that the charity will build schools and help children in Haiti. Details are forthcoming. And many big name celebs are said to be signing on. (I can’t say the names, but they’re the real deal.)

If anyone in the Jackson saga was to write a memoir — besides manager Frank DiLeo–it would have to be Frank Cascio. His 25 year relationship with the pop star was a constant, whether Jackson was experiencing highs or lows.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Ordered to Stand Trial For The Death Of Michael Jackson

Judge Michael Pastor ruled there is sufficient evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial.

In his closing statement, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge, “It was not Michael Jackson’s time to go. Michael Jackson is not here today because of the negligence and reckless acts of Dr. Murray.”

Walgren said Murray cared more about covering up evidence than helping Mr Jackson.

Judge Pastor’s ruling follows a 6-day preliminary hearing in which more than 20 witnesses were called. If convicted Murray faces a maximum of 4 years in prison.

 Medical License Suspended
Judge Michael Pastor just ordered the suspension, as a condition to Dr. Murray’s bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

The Medical Board of California has asked the court twice before to yank Murray’s license, to no avail. But minutes after ordering Murray to stand trial, Judge Pastor granted the request.

 Dr. Murray has 24 hours to notify the medical boards in Texas and Nevada of Judge Pastor’s decision.

Murray is scheduled to be arraigned Jan. 25.

Source: MJnewsalerts.com