Saturday, June 07, 2014

Rare 'Michael Jackson American Master' Now available in ebook format

Im so excited to hear 'Michael Jackson American Master'  is now available on Kindle after being out of print for over 18 yrs.  Only 10, 000 copies of  the book was released in 1996 making it one of the most rare and coveted books written about Michael Jackson. If you're lucky you may find an original hard copy on Amazon or Ebay  for a pretty price. The forward is written by Bob Jones from MJJ Production, Inc  and a thank you letter was sent from Michael to the author.  Michael also thanked C. Mecca in his BOTDF Album credits.  It's  great news for the MJ fan base that a Kindle version has just been just released May 31, 2014.  It says  for a limited time only, so don't miss out.

Cam Publishing is proud to announce that
With full-color illustrations,
  for a limited time in eBook format.

Official eBook Released May 31, 2014 
 compatible with all eBook reading devices.

Book Description -

Michael Jackson American Master is more than a chronicle of the accomplishments of a man. It transcends his childhood, and bypasses the title of the King of Pop. It defines mastership, and elevates Michael Jackson to Master of our time and generation. It incorporates the element of self-help, and addresses the many issues facing our world today. In using intuition and inspiration along with the creative thought process, it brings the readers to the realization that they also can attain the same mastership quality in their own lives.

While Michael Jackson is the megastar of the world, his creativity and talent encompass more than his musical expertise. Michael's keen insight and interpretation of the world are more than his singing and dancing. His artistic gifts reflect in every aspect of his life, and spread throughout the planet. His sensitivity to the universal principles of nature is apparent in his ability to comprehend and experience his life by being true to himself. The populace observes such accomplishments with wonder and awe.

Each of the twelve chapters can be treated as a journey, through which the reader becomes aware that Michael Jackson is the true example of a master for our time. Join Michael in discovering the mastership qualities which are inherent in each of us.

Michael Jackson American Master is authorized, and the foreword was contributed by Mr. Bob Jones, Vice President of MJJ Productions, Inc. This eBook is an official reprint by CAM Publishing of the 1996 First Edition content, with limited full-color images.

Now on Amazon
Michael Jackson American Master (Kindle) $9.99

American Master (Hard Copy) starting at aprox $250 used on Amazon and Ebay

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