Thursday, June 05, 2014

Michael Jackson Inc. Chosen as Amazon's Best Book of the Month: Business & Leadership

Each month,'s editorial team reads scores of books in search of those they consider the Best Books of the Month in popular categories.

They scour reviews and book news, swap books amongst themselves, and spend  nights and weekends tearing through as many of the best books as possible. Then  they face off in a monthly Best Books showdown meeting to champion the books they  think will resonate most with their readership.

This month (June) Amazon  editorial team has chosen  "Michael Jackson, Inc" as the Best Book Of The Month in the Business & Leadership category!

The titles that make the Best Books of Month lists are the keepers, the ones they  couldn't forget. Many of Amazon's editorial picks for the best books are also customer favorites and bestsellers, but they strive to spotlight the best books you might not otherwise hear about.

The books included in Amazon's Best Books of the Month program are entirely editorial selections. They have great passion for uniting readers of all ages and tastes with their next favorite read, helping  customers find terrific gifts, and drawing more attention to great books by exceptional authors.

Michael Jackson, Inc.  available now on Amazon - Best Books of the month

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