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Judge Threatens to Sanction Attorneys In Michael Jackson Case

(CNS) Posted Monday February 28, 2011 – 1:01pm

Saying he was concerned about the sharing of evidence among attorneys, a Los Angeles judge today threatened to penalize lawyers in the criminal case against Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with singer Michael Jackson's death.

During a pretrial hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor told defense attorneys and prosecutors he was disappointed in persistent complaints from both sides about lawyers failing to share evidence.

``I want to emphasize I am considering very seriously the imposition of monetary sanctions at this point,' Pastor told the lawyers.

The judge's comments were aimed at both prosecutors and defense attorneys, but he said specifically he was ``disappointed' at what he has been hearing about the lack of defense evidence being shared with prosecutors.

Pastor scheduled another hearing for 2 p.m. Wednesday, and he ordered that Murray and his lead attorney, Ed Chernoff, attend.

The judge noted that he did not want to punish Murray, but said he was considering penalties ranging from fines of $1,500 per day per lawyer, a possible delay in the scheduled March 24 trial date, inclusion of jury instructions in the case about ``tardy discovery' and -- as a last resort -- preclusion of some witnesses from testifying.

``I seriously am considering all sorts of responses to the discovery situation,' the judge said.

During the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Deborah Brazil said defense attorneys turned over 526 pages of discovery last week, but 380 of them involved probate issues, and she was unclear of their relevance to the case.

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan, however, complained that prosecutors were also failing to share evidence, calling the flow of information a ``one-way street.'

Pastor demanded that the attorneys make serious improvement in communication before Wednesday.

``I expect a dramatically increased production of discovery between now and then,' he said.

Both prosecutors in the case have asked that the March 24 trial date be pushed back. Pastor has not ruled on the motion, saying today that the District Attorney's Office would need to provide some case law to back up their request.

Murray, 58, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Jackson's death at age 50, amid a series of rehearsals for an upcoming series of sold-out concerts in London.

Murray is accused of administering the powerful anesthetic propofol to the singer to help him sleep, then failing to properly monitor him.

Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m. on June 25, 2009, after doctors at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center unsuccessfully tried to revive him.

Paramedics who responded to the entertainer's rented Holmby Hills estate about two hours earlier said he appeared to have been dead for 20 minutes to an hour.


Michael Jackson Fans Will Participate in the Making of "Behind The Mask" Video


New York, NY – In the spirit of Michael Jackson’s pioneering videos that pushed the creative boundaries in capturing the look, feel and emotions of music, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music will provide everyone who likes music an opportunity to help create online a unique groundbreaking music video for the single “Behind the Mask”.  Using the web in a truly innovative way, people from around the world on March 7 will come together to create an imaginative piece of Michael Jackson history in The Behind the Mask Project.

Led by the creative team at Radical Media and director Dennis Liu,
participants will visit the website which will be loaded with simple tools that define the different roles one can play in this landmark project. First, users select a move, a lyric, or a crowd reaction; performers can even demonstrate their own moonwalk, the anti-gravity lean or the toe stand.  Then, using the site’s split-screen template, contributors can shoot their move right on the website with their web cam (or their video camera) and upload their clip at the precise time it occurs in the video.

After the worldwide fan community has come together and done their part, the director, will select the top clips and weave them into this historical work of Michael Jackson video art. 

Final Video will be unveiled first week in April.

“Behind the Mask” is a critic and fan favorite from MICHAEL–The unique collection of songs featuring Michael’s performances completed posthumously and released in December by the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music.

MICHAEL was the #1 global album upon its release in December and has shipped over 3 million units worldwide making it one of the biggest albums of 2010.  The album’s success continues to underscore Michael’s importance as a global icon and superstar, transcending cultures and languages.

Sign up now at for updates.

Fans can participate starting March 7, 2011 at

Saturday, February 26, 2011

JC Agajanian JR family friend of Michael Jackson shares his special memories

Shortly after Michael's death JC Agajanian JR shares heart warming memories with Terry Clanton from the Haunted Saloon of the times he and his family spent with Michael Jackson at Neverland ranch

Michael Jackson Family Friend - Part 1

Michael Jackson Family Friend - Part 2

Michael Jackson Family Friend - Part 3

Michael Jackson Family Friend - Part 4

Friday, February 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor feeling stronger, still in hospital

LOS ANGELES — British-born actress Elizabeth Taylor is getting better in a hospital and she has not had a heart attack, a stroke or any kind of heart surgery, her representative said on Thursday.

"Elizabeth Taylor's doctors continue to be encouraged by her progress," her representative said in a statement released on Wednesday.

"She is in good spirits and continues to feel stronger every day."

In 2009, Taylor, had surgery to replace a leaky heart valve and has been using a wheelchair for more than five years to cope with chronic pain.

A Hollywood star since appearing in "National Velvet" at age 12, Taylor won Oscars for her work in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Butterfield 8."

Elizabeth Taylor we love you - From Michael Jackson Fans


Story Source

Jackson's Former Publicist Dismisses Family Intervention Reports

This article was originally posted in 2009 but is still relevant to what is being stated recently by The Jackson family _ I just don't know when these supposed interventions they keep talking about ever took place.
So far  not in  2006 2007, 2008 or 2009

Jackson's Former Publicist Dismisses Family Intervention Reports

Michael Jackson's  former publicist RAYMONE BAIN has broken her silence to dismiss reports Janet Jackson and her siblings were planning an intervention to urge the King of Pop to seek help for his drug use
 New rumours suggest the Rhythm Nation singer led a family initiative to help her troubled brother in 2007 and again earlier this year (09) - but their efforts failed because the pop superstar refused to see them, and locked them out of his home.

But Bain, who has been Jackson's personal publicist for many years, insists the story is "not true". She also refutes claims that her former boss stopped taking calls from his mother when she grew increasingly concerned about his drug use

Bain tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "I don't know of a time when Michael Jackson did not have access to his mother under my watch."

And the publicist insists the King of Pop was "healthy" and "not abusing drugs" during the years she was his mouthpiece.

She says, "I'm not gonna hear it."

... and to back Raymone Bain's statement

The Jackson's themselves stated in a letter

"We categorically deny ever planning, participating in or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever. We strongly believe that these 'sources' and others, no matter who they are, are making these defamatory, inaccurate, and untrue claims for monetary reasons. It is time for these unfair and hurtful rumors, for profit, to end."

The letter undersigned by Katherine Jackson, Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine says that reports about Michael's fight against his addiction to pills and booze are unfounded.

Members of the Jackson family are coming to Michael's defense, saying media reports about his alleged dependency on painkillers and alcohol are not true. In an open letter, Jackson's mother, sisters and brothers say news organizations "have quoted 'sources' indicating that our family has attempted a drug intervention and engaged in an effort to take over his business affairs, because of this alleged drug and alcohol usage.

We categorically deny ever planning, participating in or having knowledge of any kind of intervention whatsoever." The family members add that they and Michael have experienced years of false accusations and misrepresentations. ...

Michael Jackson's family brands drug addiction battle claims 'bogus'

The Jackson family has also denied that they have either attempted intervention "We categorically deny ever planning, participating in or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever. We strongly believe that these 'sources' and others, no matter who they are, are making these defamatory, inaccurate, and untrue claims for monetary reasons," they write in the letter. "It is time for these unfair and hurtful rumors, for profit, to end," they said. (ANI)

Jackson Family deny Michael's drug dependency

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Katherine Jackson Trims Lawsuit Allegations Against AEG Concert Promoter AEG

Seems Katherine Jackson's attorney doesn't have any evidence to prove many allegations they brought against AEG and will remove the charges before they proceed with  the case against the concert promoter. One interesting  allegation being removed is Prince Jackson was present and suffered trauma and emotional stress.  That has been shown false by Both  Katherine's Attorney and AEG.  So how that was part of the original suite is beyond me.  I believe many of these unfounded claims were originally brought forward by Joe Jackson's attorney Brian Oxman

Katherine Jackson Will Not Proceed With Some Lawsuit Allegations Against Promoter
CNS) Posted Thursday February 24, 2011 – 8:56am

Attorneys for Michael Jackson's mother say she will not proceed with some of the original allegations in her complaint against the promoter of the London concert series the King of Pop was about to begin when he died, including fraud.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos ruled Feb. 2 that lawyers for Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren will have to provide more concrete evidence of fraud, negligent infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy, which the lawsuit alleges. She gave them 20 days to amend the complaint.

However, the attorneys filed papers Tuesday stating they ``do not intent to amend the complaint.' That means the case is scheduled to go to trial for now on the remaining allegations of breach of contract, negligent hiring and employer responsibility.

The suit was filed on Sept. 15 by Katherine Jackson on behalf of herself and her son's three children, Michael Jr., Paris-Michael Katherine and Prince Michael, also known as Blanket.

The suit alleges AEG Live is responsible for the medical decisions made by Dr. Conrad Murray, the singer's personal physician at the time, who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

The suit originally alleged Michael Jr. suffered negligent infliction of emotional distress when he ``witnessed his father suffering and accordingly has suffered great trauma and severe emotional distress.'

But according to AEG, the Jackson family lawyers themselves do not allege the boy was present when Murray gave propofol to the singer, nor do they claim the boy was aware the physician was causing any harm to his father.

Palazuelos also said she had doubts about the civil conspiracy claim within the suit because there were no details stating AEG Live and Murray had an agreement to do something unlawful. Katherine Jackson  is also dropping that allegation.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Neverland’ Comes to Life For One More Day

Anaheim, CA – On February 26, the magic of Michael Jackson’s legendary Neverland will be revived in order to benefit a group of underprivileged children from the inner city whom Jackson would likely have helped if he were still alive.

On Saturday, Disneyland will be known as “Neverland” to a group of 30 kids from the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles who have never been to the theme park and had no hopes of going, until now.

“This is one of the groups that Michael Jackson supported. He would have brought these deserving kids to his amusement park at Neverland if he were here,” said artist David Ilan, whose Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is one of the sponsors of the charitable event thanks to a donation from an anonymous donor.

The event is being organized by Emmy nominated Executive Producer Jerry Biederman, who is the co-founder with Ilan of the largest tribute in the world to Michael Jackson, and Anna Araujo, Chief Professional Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles. It is co-sponsored and produced by Roseé Entertainment.

“Because Neverland is no longer,” said Biederman, “we are turning Disneyland into Michael’s Neverland, if only for a day.”

Monday, February 21, 2011

John Branca Addresses fans concerns over MiJac Catalog

For those who are wondering Jeff is the Liaison between the Estate  and fans from MJonline Team.

Forwarded Message
From: John Branca
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:18:31 -0600
To: Jeff *****

Subject: Michael Jackson/Mijac

I understand that you are being asked a lot of questions about Mijac.

Yes, there is a matching right that Michael granted to Sony/ATV but they only get to administer the catalog for a limited term AND only if they agree to unprecedented favorable terms. We will not relinquish ultimate control and ownership to anyone. We have favorably refinanced the loans on Mijac which will be paid off and the catalog WILL absolutely be passed to Michael's children as long as we have anything to say about it.

Sony/ATV is a great company and the Estate owns half of it but no one, not even Sony/ATV, will ever own Mijac while John McClain and I remain in charge.

The current Sony team is the one Michael chose to work with on the Thriller 25 release and they are good partners. As stated in the recent court filings, they worked with us to refinance the burdensome debt that had been placed on Michael's interest in Sony/ATV to very favorable terms, an important achievement which insures that Mijac and Michael’s masters remain secure for the benefit of Michael's children for years to come.

I would appreciate your sharing this with the fans that are asking questions.

Thanks – John

John Branca
The Estate Of Michael Jackson
Los Angeles, CA

Source for the letter comes from 
Official Clarification on Mijac - Sony/ATV Situation

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Michael Jackson Estate Made $310 MILLION Since His Death

The Michael Jackson Estate
has made more than $310 million since his death in 2009.

MJ had more than $400 million dollars debt but the estate has already replenished more than $310 since 2009, according to documents.

The executors have spent around $159 Million dollars repaying income taxes various debts, and other expenses such as fulfilling “uninterrupted support of Mrs. Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children as Michael intended."

Katherine has also been paid for making "substantial improvements" in Havenhurst estate in CA. according to executors, they are scheduled out to "pay last illness and funeral and memorial service expenses."

MJs estate had $40 million liabilities to concert promoter AEG stemming from the "This Is It" tour during which MJ died during rehearsals.

The estate has received more than 64 creditors claim with some accounting extremely high interest rates. It is admitted that estate still faces several lawsuits in multiple countries.

The executors are happy because they have "successfully rebuilt and enhanced Michael Jackson's image" when authorized the power to run the estate.

More info

Watch The Making of the MICHAEL Album

On December 14th, 2011 Epic Records with Estate of Michael Jackson released the much-anticipated album MICHAEL. This Documentary takes us behind the scenes to get more insight of what went into making MICHAEL. Featuring moving interviews of AKON, Teddy Riley, Neff U, Eddie Casico, Lenny Kravitz and 50cent discussing their relationships with  Michael Jackson and how they became involved in working with him and the production of the MICHAEL Album.



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Michael - all he ever wanted to do was to fall asleep.

Michael Jackson's life and music touched the lives and hearts of so many different people. All ages, races, nationalities and creeds in this world.

David Maloney said he didnt plan on writing a song about Michael but couldnt get it out of his mind that with all Michael's incredible talent,his riches, all of his awards and his beautiful children all Michael really wanted was to just fall asleep.

Please listen to David perform his beautiful song
"Sweet Michael"

Michael Jackson Song Catalog Will Moonwalk to Sony/ATV Publishing

Seems this article is causing much confusion in the fans base. So before you read it I want to clarify what this means. The MiJac Catalog is still owned by Michael (His estate) and ONLY the publishing rights of MiJac are being transferred to Michael's other company Sony/ATV in which MJ is half owner. This is more beneficial for MJs Estate than having Warner hold the publishing rights. There is nothing sinister going on here. It was set up this way when the contract was drawn up. Qbee

Exclusive: Michael Jackson, even in death, remains in the middle of the current musical chairs deals in the declining record industry.

For all these years, Michael’s MiJac Publishing has been administered by Warner Chappell, part of what is now Warner Music Group. MiJac includes not only Michael’s hits that he wrote, like “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” but a vast number of other hits including those of Ray Charles, Curtis Mayfield, and Sly and the Family Stone.

Warner Chappell doesn’t own MiJac but it administers the rights to it and collects hefty fees. With WMG for sale, and talk of Warner Chappell being sold off, MiJac would seem like an integral part of their story.

But there’s a hitch that I can reveal to you: MiJac is leaving Warner Chappell and going to become part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the company that Michael Jackson’s estate co-owns with Sony and contains the Beatles catalog.

According to sources, this arrangement was written into the MiJac contract with Warner Chappell years ago. It would be triggered by the release of the next Jackson album–in this case, the recent “Michael”–and the repayment of loans.

The move by MiJac to Sony/ATV is a big deal for many reasons. With both WMG and EMI Music for sale, Sony/ATV could be kicking the tires of each company’s publishing divisions for purchase. But Warner Chappell might be less interesting to Sony ATV considering they’re already getting Mi Jac. And without MiJac, Warner Chappell–which just had a down quarter–might not look so good to other potential buyers.

What may happen now: the newer, and very hot, BMG Music Rights will likely make a play for EMI Music Publishing. EMI Music–the record company, which has the Beatles albums in its catalog–the physical albums and box sets–could then be merged with another record company like Sony Music or, more horrifyingly, Warner Music. Stay tuned


Dr. Conrad Murray's new attorney could be conflict of interest

Dr. Conrad Murray's new lawyer could be conflict of interest

A lawyer who worked for celebrity attorney Mark Geragos
during his representation of Michael Jackson said Tuesday he
wants to join the defense team representing Jackson's doctor
on an involuntary manslaughter charge.

The move by attorney Nareg Gourjian raised the
possibility of a conflict of interest.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said that loyalty
to a former client, even one who is dead, is part of the
rules that must be obeyed by all attorneys.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Judge rules trial of Michael Jackson's doctor can be televised

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Jury selection in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused in the death of pop star Michael Jackson, will begin March 24, a judge ordered Monday.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor also approved television cameras in court for the trial.

Pastor had set the trial to start March 28 when Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial during his arraignment last month. But the judge later decided it was cutting too close to the 60-day limit.
"Absolutely, we simply can't start on the last day," Pastor said.

The opening statements are likely to be delivered during the first week of April. The trial is expected to last about six weeks, according to the defense and prosecution. Murray, who remains free on $75,000 bail, was not in court for Monday's hearing.

Pastor blocked the doctor from using his California medical license until the trial is completed. The state medical board requested that be made a provision of his bail.