Monday, September 12, 2011

Open Letter & Petition on Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media

Love Survives blog supports this campaign for Michael Jackson started by and Sponsored by: MJ Advocates Worldwide ~ Qbee

Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media

Dear Worldwide Mainstream Media,

We, the Michael Jackson fanbase, are keenly aware that the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. And although this code of ethics is voluntary, the majority of journalists embrace this code, believing that professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility.

The Michael Jackson fan base is asking for a worldwide media ban of the use of the term "Jacko". Rooted in racism and negativity, the name plants the suggestion of "Wacko Jacko" widely used by tabloids to identify Michael Jackson prior to death. The media's use of this name directly contradicts professional journalists' code of ethics. There is no "public enlightenment" with the use of the term "Jacko". There is no truth to the name "Jacko" and there certainly is no provision for a fair or comprehensive account of any event or issue surrounding Michael Jackson.

The name "Jacko", when used by journalists has two priorities: ratings and revenue. Additionally, the name is used to sway public opinion. In a heightened age of mistrust of the media by the public, it is imperative that journalists truly use their sense of professional integrity, including avoiding the use of headline grabbing names that harm the subject or those related to him.

Leading the way are Elysa Gardner from USA Today and CBS News, both of whom changed their headline from "Jacko" to "Jackson" when asked. We are asking for the rest of the mainstream media to follow suit. Journalists should see this as an act of human dignity, both for themselves as professionals, and for Michael Jackson and his family.

The Undersigned

Please sign the Petiton below

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today in Michael Jackson HIStory - First performace of HIStory Tour in Prague

We miss our beautiful King- Today Sept 7th marks the Anniversary of
 Michael's First  performance of the HIStory Tour in Prague  *cry with me*

September 7th 1996  Michael Jackson started the tour off with a concert at Letna Park in Prague, one of Jackson's largest single attended concerts in his career. The HIStory World Tour was the third and final worldwide solo concert tour by Michael Jackson, covering Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America. The tour included a total of 82 concerts. The HIStory tour spanned the globe with stops in 58 cities, 35 countries on 5 continents.

Fans mount Invincible campaign

Fans mount Invincible campaign
Published on Tuesday, 06 September 2011 11:57


A worldwide internet campaign to propel Michael’s last studio album, Invincible, back to the top of the charts on the tenth anniversary of its original release is drawing tens of thousands of supporters from around the world. This October marks a decade since Invincible first hit the shops and airwaves. It has since been acknowledged as one of the Michael’s greatest ever albums. The campaign to encourage fans of the album to buy it once more is expected to result in millions of sales. The buy event is due to take place during the entire month of October 2011.

Official Blogsite which has had over 20,000 hits in 4 weeks

FB profile


Michael wrote or co-wrote 14 of the 16 tracks on the Invincible album. He took over 3 years to produce it with Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley. Michael’s relationship with his record label, Sony caused some controversy at the time; the management team has since changed and they work closely with the Estate to continue Michael’s Legacy.

Despite the problems, Invincible went to number one across the world, and Michael received many awards for his achievement. During an interview, in October 2001, Michael Jackson said in response to the comment that the Invincible album was number 1 worldwide and that he had another number 1 hit, “it’s a great honour…we worked very hard on it, I feel blessed that the fans accepted it the way they did and I am very honoured. I really am. I don’t take anything for granted. Every time there is a number 1 album or song I feel excited as if it was the 1st one. So I am very happy about that”

The Invincible Campaign was instigated by Debbie Francis, she states: “Invincible deserves to be number 1 again on its 10th Anniversary. It is a truly brilliant album. Michael Jackson’s genius should be celebrated and his legacy includes his musical accomplishments, his legendary generosity and humanitarianism.”

Other comments across the web include:

Mjjcommunity said: “The Invincible Campaign is not a campaign that MJJCommunity the fan club is organizing; we are however bringing light to this very righteous effort.”

Michael Mania an Italian Fan Club said: "INVINCIBLE is one of the best records Michael produced. Putting it again into the spotlight is something Mike will be proud of”.

Michael Jackson Fans Club (Philippines) said: “On behalf of the Filipino Community, we pledge our support for the Invincible campaign. Many of us here consider Invincible to be if not the best, one of the best albums Michael Jackson has ever released. & we hope that with this campaign, this most soulful of Michael Jackson's work gets its due recognition! “

Initial fan comments on the web: “Make History: Invincible number one this October!!” "MJ was not only invincible and unbreakable but above all he is irreplaceable. The end.”
Karen Gonzales-Dela Cruz: “I PLEDGE to support the campaign and buy the Invincible album of the world’s master entertainer...the king of pop MICHAEL JACKSON… This is one of my favorite albums by him. Even though it’s underrated and didn’t get the attention it deserved. But the real MJ fans out there know that this is a good album….. MICHAEL JACKSON went back to his roots with this one, and it was a special and pleasant work of art.… Invincible was his last great masterpiece! “

Michael Jackson book authors have said:

Joseph Vogel the author of the soon to be released “Man in the Music: The Creative Life & Work of Michael Jackson.” a book dedicated to the musical genius of Michael Jackson, has said on twitter on 2nd August “… I’ll be plugging Invincible some more this fall when I begin doing a lot of interviews”. This passage is from his forthcoming book: "Ironically, given its relatively obscure status, Invincible was probably Jackson's most accessible album since the 1980s. From the retro jazz of "Butterflies," to the Latin pulse of "Whatever Happens," to the R&B heartache of "Heaven Can Wait"...Jackson showcases his adroit versatility, producing music that feels both classic and contemporary."

Lynton Guest a world class journalist and author of “The Trials of Michael Jackson” said "I am pleased to support this campaign. Invincible is certainly one the best albums Michael Jackson made and it deserves to be recognised as such. I for one hope it gets back to number one."

Jermaine Jackson said of the campaign: “Unbreakable was Michael's favourite track. I support your good intention.”

Michael’s Friends said:

Karen Faye Michael’s long time make-up artist said: “I think it is wonderful, because I know for a fact, it was Michael's dream.”

Cory Rooney Michael’s friend and former executive at Sony said “This would be an amazing feat for Michael and music history.” He further said that Michael was always appreciative of people in his life and said that Michael’s comment during the making of Invincible was “"Please help me make history one more time". Debbie Francis thinks that we should follow his words and help Michael’s last studio album become Number1 in October 2011.

Debbie Francis is convinced that the initial response is the tip of the iceberg and that by October the movement will have enough support to ensure that Michael Jackson’s name is once again at the very pinnacle of the entertainment world and that Invincible will be residing at number one.

In the years since Jackson's untimely death, Sony, under a completely new management team, have once again heavily promoted his work. Indeed, Sony have indicated to the fans that the company is considering the re-release of the Invincible Album, even if not in all its original 5 coloured covers.

Michael Jackson was one of the biggest selling artists of all time, with worldwide album sales totalling over 500 million. His fans are concerned to protect and pass on his legacy to a new generation following the singer’s demise in 2009. One of his physicians, Dr. Conrad Murray, is due to go on trial in Los Angeles this year, charged with the involuntary manslaughter of the star.

Buy Event from 1st - 31st October 2011.