Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tom Barrack on his plans for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch:

Colony Capital's Tom Barrack appeared on "Bloomberg West" with Emily Johnson and Cory Johnson to talk about the role of the U.S. government in the financial crisis, his plans for Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch and investing in technology.

On his plans for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch:
"Our plans have been to work to restore it to its original greatness.
The place is amazing. It has not only the beautiful spirit and softness of Michael, but a legacy of a thousand years of Indian culture that had transacted upon it. We have just been restoring it, renovating it. We have not really wanted to do anything commercial with it. The estate of Michael Jackson--they have done a great job in managing the estate. We are kind of waiting for them to decide what really they would like to do with us and with it. We are just being good stewards of a very special place."

Source:  Scott Rubin


MaryKapa said...

I would like to see Neverland a music school.I think Michael would love that.I hope they will take the right decision!!

Aloha said...

I hope Tom Barrack and the Estate will hold Neverland in just this way, with care and reverence, until Michael's children are old enough to decide. I can imagine them wanting to find a way to continue to benefit children, through Neverland's beauty and magic.

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