Thursday, March 10, 2011

The new video for “Hollywood Tonight”

I Really Love The new video for Michael Jackson's Hollywood Tonight. It has Great choreography and a Storyline true to Michael's song. I'm not even upset they used a different version of the song. It just gives a different flavor and is closer to the original demo. It's all good as far as Im concerned, Every has opinions so it would be very diffucult to please everyone for the fact Michael is not here. I certainly cant put any hate on this video. In fact I think its Awesome !

The new video for “Hollywood Tonight” is available NOW!!

The storyline of “Hollywood Tonight
charts the journey of a young woman arriving in Hollywood from small town America as she follows her dream to be a star; though her ambition is to be a dancer, her story represents the struggle for every artist or musician struggling to make it in the world.

Wayne Isham, who directed the video for Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone,” returns to one of the very same locations where he filmed in 1995 with Michael – the Pantages Theater near the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine. In the new video, the Pantages Theater once again becomes the setting for the clip’s spectacular closing but this time they are outside the theater for a “flash mob” dance scene.

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