Wednesday, September 03, 2014

'Willie The Entertainer' Winner of the 2014 Michael Jackson Festival of the Arts, in Gary Indiana

Willie Osborn, 7, of Lansing, shows off his dance moves as the opening ceremony kicks
off for the Michael Jackson King of Pop Tribute Festival of the Arts 2014 - via nwitimes.

" Willie The Entertainer" is the winner of the 2014 Michael Jackson Festival of the Arts hosted by Katherine Jackson in Gary Indian, to celebrate the 56th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Birthday. His grand prize is a check for $5,000.00  Willie is only  7 years old and says he loves and is inspired by Michael Jackson to dance. Certainly the King of Pop is smiling down on this little one.

"I have couple more words to say. Michael Jackson never dies, Michael Jackson is Forever" ~ Willie The Entertainer

Watch Willie wow the crowd with his smooth moves and out going personality.

From Willie’s perspective, he was born to entertain. At the age of four, he started learning routines to Michael Jackson songs from a video game, then eventually began studying the pop icon on YouTube.

Now, he’s performing regularly at school, in church, and on the lawn, donning white suits, glittery jackets and pants, and shiny shoes.

“I started dancing because of Michael Jackson,”... “He’s the King of Pop, I just got interested in him… that’s why I love to entertain.”

Every day, 7-year-old Willie Osborn goes outside to the front of his yard and starts dancing to Michael Jackson. He’s got costumes, smooth moves, and a lot of spunk, and every day, he draws a crowd.

Every time I entertain, there’s a crowd. Every time. On the Fourth of July I had big, big crowd at my house, and the police came and said move out the way, but I kept on entertaining.” Not even law enforcement can stop this kid from busting a move. Willie says he’s always practicing -- inside, outside, wherever he goes.

“I’ve been practicing in front of the oven while doing the moonwalk. I’m working on the moonwalk a lot,” he adds.

It’s all in his grand plan to one day be a professional dancer, or as he once told his mother, a star “shooting up to the sky.

Source:  Love Survives

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