Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Statue of Michael Jackson is Unveiled in Prague.

On 27 September 2014 a beautiful bust of Michael Jackson on a stone pedestal was unveiled in Prague. Funding for the construction of the column came from public collections. organized by Michael's Jackson fans.

The bust made ​​of resin material, closely resembles bronze and was sculpted by Daniela Kartáková . It has been placed in the gardens of Charlotte Masaryk children's home in Zbraslav, Prague.  Michael Jackson visited this orphanage, September 1996 during his HIStory Tour.

During a program of events, Mayor Zbraslav Aleš Háněl was present to help unveiled the bust of Michael Jackson.  Adam Mišík sang and MJ tribute artist Krisztián Kolozs  and others performed for the gathering. The event was attended by Michael Jackson fans, representatives of the city, the children's home and Children's Home director Iva Truellová.

                     Video: Martin Jurů
"There are not many world famous personalities who visited Zbraslav. Why omit the personality of Michael Jackson, who was here?"
~ Mayor Zbraslav Aleš Háněl, 
"The visit of Michael Jackson in 1996 was for our children's home an amazing and memorable event," ... "We were very honored by the request of academic sculptor Daniela Kartáková and representatives of the Michael Jackson fan club in the Czech Republic about the possibility of installing a Michael Jackson memorial on the site of the orphanage," 
~ director Iva Truellová home.
"If Michael Jackson could choose, he would have chose this place."
 ~ Zvolská Helena  (MJ fan  who helped organise the event.)

Michael Jackson visits Charlotte Masaryk orphanage in Prague 1996

In 1996, Michael paid a visit to Charlotte Masaryk orphanage in Prague, and the director of the orphanage commemorated his visit.
 "I believe that children observed what is missing in today's life: the immediacy, the truth, and a completely natural behavior...  It was Friday, 6th September 1996, and Michael visited our orphanage in Zbraslav, Prague. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, both for children and for us adults. Michael was in our orphanage for almost an hour. During that time he was natural, quiet and pleasant. His relationship with the children was very honest. I think he's a very sensitive, gentle and modest, almost shy man. We were  very pleased that we had the opportunity to know him from a different angle rather than all we hear through the television and the press..."
Dr. Petra Vorlí Kova (director of Charlotte Masaryk orphanage in 1996)

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