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"Michael Jackson in the Royal" Exhibit at the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw

Michael Jackson in the Royal

Michael Jackson in the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw is a unique exhibition of photographs by Czeslaw Czapliński  that will be presented in the Royal Baths Gallery of Outdoor

September 16 - October 12, 2014

Royal Baths Park is a place that is visited by many well-known artists from home and abroad. But not everyone knows, the king of pop, Michael Jackson came to visit almost twenty years ago.

Michael Jackson 1997 during his visit to Poland, by Czesław Czapliński

Visitors at the Royal Baths Park, Outdoor Gallery Sept 2014
The opening ceremony of the exhibition took place September 16. The Guests were greeted  by Elizabeth Zychowicz, head of the Centre for the Museum of the Royal Baths.

The memories of this extraordinary visit are alive and now we would like to share them with our guests. Souvenir of the visit are the photos taken by Czeslaw Czapliński - artist, photographer and longtime friend of the Royal Baths.

The next speaker was artist and cinematographer, Czeslaw Czapliński, who recalled the day Jackson Baths
Even today, after almost twenty years I can still remember clearly the eventful moment he visited us. In the afternoon I found the site Polish Press Agency news that hardly anyone had expected him, because it was not previously reported : ” Michael Jackson arrives in Poland. Special aircraft is expected to land at Okecie airport on Tuesday 27 May (1997 ) , around 12.00. Jackson will fly to Warsaw from Paris. Program of the visit is not yet established. It is only known that the star will visit children centres. He also was to meet with the Mayor of Warsaw Marcin Swiecicki . As before , he will spend the night at the Marriott . ” On the first day he visited twice the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw Palace on the Island , where he signed the visitors’ book , and in the evening the Theatre Stanisławowski .

Czesław Czapliński was the only photographer to accopmany Michael Jackson whole days during the private visit of the famous pop star to Poland in 1999. On his photos Czapliński presents unique moments of the visit and personality of Michael Jackson as well as writes about his own experience of meeting Jackson.. His book “Michael Jackson “I love You, Poland!” was published weeks after Michael Jackson sudden death, leaving millions of fans in the world and in Poland with his music … and Czapliński’s unique photos.

Michael Jackson “I love You, Poland! by Czeslaw Czapliński

Michael Jackson photo 1997 during his visit to Poland, by Czesław Czapliński

Director of the Museum of the Royal Baths, Tadeusz Zielniewicz , who was present 17 years ago on this day in Baths, recalled how joyful Michael Jackson was during his visit.  During the opening ceremony of the exhibition  one of  Michael Jackson's biggest fan dressed in his idols stage costume, spoke about the impact that the artist has had on his life.

Czesław Czapliński, Tadeusz Zielniewicz & fans at Royal Baths Park

More about the Exhibit: Here.

Visit the Royal Baths Park Facebook profile, For more information about events and exhibitions

SOURCE: Lazienki-krolewskie  Faces of Warsaw  mjvibe

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