Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unseen footage from Michael Jackson Bad World Tour 1988 in Landover, MD released on Youtube

Photographer Ronald Baker has just released several videos  on Youtube of unseen footage from Michael Jackson's Bad world Tour, performed at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD on October 18, 1988.  To date there hasn't been any footage released from this concert. 

Baker attended the concert with his brother Donald on October 18, 1988. He with a rented new format HI-8 video camera and his brother with a Minolta film camera.  He shot the show from his seat in Section 8, Row V, Seat 15. The videos are a little shaky from being filmed under his coat, but the sound quality is very good. Baker said The ticket was $25.00 and the show started at 8:00 pm. Twenty Six years later to the month, he  found the video and transferred it for our enjoyment.  
"Thanks to all of the MJ fans for checking out my 1988 Michael Jackson video clips. I've giving the best I have from 26 years ago to my fellow MJ fans...  It's not production quality but it's pretty good considering I captured it with my coat covering the camera. Enjoy and share with others who love the "King of Pop" ~ Ronald Baker

The video posted below is from the Thriller performance, just uploaded Oct 25th as a Halloween gift for the fans. Click the links below to view the rest of the performances uploaded on Ronald Bakers Youtube Channel.  

Michael Jackson LIVE at the Capital Center October 18, 1988

Smooth Criminal
Rock with you
You are not alone - She's out of my life
Billie Jean

Baker also has an ibook out from a Destiny Tour photography assigment

"These are a few of the photos from my iBook "One Day Assignment The Jacksons"

One Day Assignment The Jacksons - Ronald Gilbert Baker
With more than 110 photos from the 1979 Jacksons Destiny Tour stop in which he covered the Jacksons for Ebony Magazine. You will see photos of the Jacksons arriving,  backstage in the Green Room,  performing on stage and leaving. These photos are priceless and they are over 35 years old. It's a great e-book and it's only $4.99 available in the Apple Bookstore for Macbook, Mac station, iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone owners.

To view more of Ronald Bakers Photos visit his website

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