Sunday, October 12, 2014

Michael Jackson's Flamingos find home at Cape May County Zoo

The Cape May County Zoo now cares for  13 Chilean Flamingos from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. They acquired the Flamingos in 2008. 

They  reside in the Flamingo Yard at the Cape May County Zoo. They spend  summers outside in the Flamingo yard and winter inside the World of Birds Aviary.

16 flamingos reside at the zoo, 13 of them being the Chileans. The Chilean Flamingos are the smallest flamingos in the yard.

 Flamingos are Carnivores and eat invertebrates such as shrimp. The Cape May County Zoo, orders Flamingo Fare; a special food just for the flamingos. Uniquely this bird is a filter feeder like the baleen whales. They take up water into their hooked beak and expel the water trapping shrimp and other invertebrates with comb-like structures in its bill called Lamellae.

They often stand on one leg and will shift back and forth one up and one down to rest. What appear to be a flamingo's knees are actually its ankles.

Chilean Flamingo
Phoenicopterus roseu

The Cape May County Park & Zoo in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, provides free year-round admission to a collection of over 550 animals representing 250 species in 85 acres (34 ha) of exhibits. The zoo is located at 707 Route 9 North, in the center of Cape May County's Central Park, Its principal exhibit areas are a 57-acre (23 ha) African Savanna, a free-flight aviary, and a reptile collection.

The zoo is open every day except for Christmas, weather permitting. The hours of operation are from 10:00 am until 3:45pm in the winter and 10:00am until 4:45pm in the summer. Time changes occur with Daylight Savings.  Official Website 

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