Sunday, October 05, 2014

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy Celebrates 70th Birthday at "Michael Jackson One"


The 70th birthday celebration of Roy Horn, on the 11th anniversary of the near-fatal tiger attack, included an emotional twist involving Michael Jackson and several surprises.

Siegfried and Roy (Birthday celebration)  at Michael Jackson ONE Oct 3 2014
Gordan Vukovic / Cashman Photography

The first surprise came when longtime Jackson choreographer Kenny Ortega and “X-Men” producer Bryan Singer showed up to join Friday’s birthday party.

The twist came when Horn’s party of seven attended the 7 p.m. show of Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson One” at Mandalay Bay.

Five of the six had not seen the Jackson show because they weren’t ready to, according to local Realtor Zar Zanganeh, one of the five.

The group included Siegfried Fischbacher, RoyHorn, Kenny Ortega, Lynette Chappell,( the “Evil Queen” in the long-running Siegfried and Roy show) Siegfried and Roy protégé Darren Romeo, Brian Singer and Zanganeh.

Siegfried and Roy (Birthday celebration)  at Michael Jackson ONE Oct 3 2014
Gordan Vukovic / Cashman Photography

everyone came out of the show blown away. “What they do is just incredible,” said Siegfried, Ortega added, “Jamie King (the show’s director) has done a fantastic job, and the cast is amazing.” _ “It was really emotional, but happy and positive,” said Zanganeh, whose friendship with Jackson began a decade ago as the pop star’s real estate broker.

After the Jackson show, the group went to RM Seafood for the birthday dinner. When the birthday cake arrived with 70 lit candles, Siegfried began a tribute speech to Horn. Ever the prankster, Horn started blowing out the candles when the speech ran a little long.

As far as Horn knew, that was the end of the party.

But Chappell had a surprise. As they left the seafood restaurant, a big screen in front of Holly Madison’s club, 1923 Bourbon &Burlesque, flashed birthday greetings to Horn. Horn and his group were invited inside, where 60 close friends and birthday balloons greeted them. The party ran until 2 a.m.



Michael Jackson * Mind Is The Magic!  Siegfried & Roy
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