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Jared Bradshaw from the Broadway hit Jersey Boys is a Huge Michael Jackson Fan

Jared Bradshaw Joins MJ Fans To Celebrate Michael's Birthday Week

 I just had the pleasure to learn that, Jared Bradshaw  from the Broadway Hit, Jersey Boys, is a Huge fan of Michael Jackson, and he isn't just saying it, he walks the talk and proudly displays his love for Michael.

Jared  has performed in three different companies of the show, Jersey Boys on Broadway and all over the country. March 20th, 2012, he was thrilled to join the Broadway company full time.

He has joined the MJ fans to celebrate Michael Jackson's birthday week, with a great video tribute featuring his very impressive Vinyl collection and great tracks of our favorite MJ songs.

On his Vimeo Channel
"I'm a New Yorker that was raised in Georgia. Broadway actor, and huge Michael Jackson fan. I have more than 1,000 MJ records on vinyl. I love the guy. thanks for stopping by."

Bradshaw has such an Impressive  MJ Vinyl collection with over 1000 MJ Vinyls . It was very gracious of him  to upload and share them with us to celebrate Michael's Birthday  week.  He even has Michael Jackson's new Album Xscape and Love Never Felt So good, featured on this great video tribute.

"Here it is ! In honor of MJ's birthday week.... my 20 minute rockin' MJ slideshow of my 1,000+ MJ records! turn up the volume. enjoy."
"Thank you so much everyone... I've been working on this in my free time (a little hobby) over the last year on and off. Claudia...thanks for noticing the music....that was the hardest part of course, besides photographing over 1,000 records, and putting them in chronological order. editing the music together as seamlessly as I could was hard. rock with you/ Billie jean was my favorite layover. same beat. timing the pictures to "change" on the beat took forever...a labor of LOVE. "

~ Jared Bradshaw

"This video was created to add new expression, meaning and to emphasize Michael Jackson's endless artistic achievements in his matchless career. I recommend you explore Michael Jackson's catalog for sale at these outlets:"  ~ Jared Bradshaw

Some  photo's posted on Facebook to pay tribute to Michael

                June 25, 2013                                 June, 2009

Just recently Jared and fellow Jersey Boys took the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Source:  Jared Bradshaw  Facebook  Vimeo  and  Jared 

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