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Michael Jackson, tracks from his first unreleased album, "Xscape"

This is another review  from ABC Spain. of the Xscape Listening Session held April 7. Some more tid bits on the songs and all the mystery and secrecy surrounding the release of the Album. This is loosely translated from Spanish to English, so read with that in mind. ~ Qbee

Michael Jackson, tracks from his first unreleased album, "Xscape"

The April 7 took place in Madrid an exclusive hearing, the lordly halls of the Palacio de Fernan Nunez , the new album by Michael Jackson . Under a solemn atmosphere and tight security, they had to leave the phones or any electronic device on the door, they were shelling the eight songs that make up 'Xscape' , which goes on sale next May 13.

There came ABC , promising not to publish anything until the record label, Sony Music , lift the embargo on the information. The secrecy is so extreme that even today, when I finally can give notice of hearing, we can not even have the song titles, except that names the album. So we have to trust some leaks that have appeared on the Internet.

This is the second posthumous album of unreleased tracks from Michael Jackson , as recorded tunes, ideas, letters ... as they occurred to him. The heirs have signed a contract to give the company unlimited access to all their recordings and thus nurture several more pitches. This time, to shape these sketches has been responsible mainly producer Timbaland , updating the classic sound of American star, and offering, by the way, finished far more lucid than that offered in the previous release, 'Michael' (2010), in which it showed the urgency for a return of the death of the star.

They have also collaborated on the final outcome Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Jerome "Jroc» Harmon and John McClain , and, in general, one can speak of a very modern production for a voice that is timeless. Michael Jackson certainly makes it clear that had very good ideas, and a prodigious sense of rhythm and its mix of funk and pop style. The lining of the songs is sometimes successful and other fresh and overloaded in excess.

1. "Love Never Felt So Good" . This is a part-time, with violins and an outstanding rhythm section. Remember the style of Barry White . That is, mellow but with rhythm. As with other songs, abused some production effects.

2. 'Chicago' . Another half time when Michael Jackson doubles voices. Resumes tackles the rhythm, which sounds a bit disconcerting. There are sweet moments that combine with furious now.

3. "Lovin 'You" . Continued over the rhythm section in the foreground. The best, the own contribution of Michael Jackson, his voice full power, with an innate intuition for rhythm and melody. A great timeless song has been sealed as very contemporary.

4. "A Place with No Name" . The first great moment of the disc. The latest songs led the applause of those present at the audition, but were heard at the end of this most sincere and convincing. The voice is in good company. We find your facet pop, with a chorus that sticks to the first and encouraging the dance.

5. "Slave to the Rhythm" . It has an electronic start. Here we step facet funk, to classic rhythm changes, acceleration and stoppages nervous he dominated with cockiness. After the previous song, however, sounds a little step, but it is danceable. The rhythm is marked by synthesizers, which is perhaps the most "interesting" of the song.

6. "Do You Know Where Your Children Are" . Strange robotic effects mixed with the typical singer shrieks. It also seems too ornate, but the issue is gaining with each passing second. The 'dark' disc, without concessions to sentimentality.

7. "Blue Gangsta" . The strangest. Michael's voice seems to be groping various ways. It even seems to speak to us from beyond.

8. "Xscape" . The single, although it has not yet been made ​​public. It has the classic stamp of its author, perhaps more. Even when listening, one would immediately comes the image of Michael Jackson dancing it. Unfortunately, it is something we can imagine, but it will never see. A great theme.

Source: http://www.abc.es/cultura/musica/20140422/abci-michael-jackson-xscape-201404212219.html

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