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Michael Jackson Saved My Grandma

This is such a sweet story I had to share it on my blog. "Michael Jackson Saved My Grandma", is a heart warming story told by Chris Cantore about Michael Jackson helping his grandparents on a plane in  Dec 1997. It was originally posted on Chris Cantore's blog and republished on 6/26/2009. Chris also called into a radio station host, who was a friend of his, to tell the story the day after Michael passed. You can hear it on the video below.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ~ Qbee

Michael Jackson Saved My Grandma 

Chris Cantore's blog post

In December 1997, my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Concetta DeLisi, were on an American Airlines flight from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX). They were visiting my family for Christmas.

A couple of hours into the flight, my grandma (literally) fell ill. What began as a stomachache, ended with Granny fainting and tumbling into the coach aisle. When she awoke, hovering above and holding out his hand, the King of Pop.

“Are you OK?” Michael Jackson asked, in his delicate voice.

He helped Grandma up, and invited my grandparents to join him in first class. They accepted.

While Grandma rested, Grandpa enjoyed first class service and chatted it up with Jackson. They discussed family, food, and Italy (Gramp's favorite subjects).

Upon landing, Michael offered to drive my grandparents from LAX to my folks' house in the San Fernando Valley. Once again, they accepted.

With Grandma getting pushed through the airport in a wheelchair, they made their way into MJ’s limo. However, in an effort to dodge paparazzi, they were forced to make three limo transfers by Jackson’s security. Once settled and on the 405, Michael popped-in one of his favorite movies, "Men in Black". The three of them watched it together.

Once they arrived at my childhood home, my mom, unaware of the preceding events, opened the door to find her parents standing on the front stoop with Michael Jackson -- holding their bags. He entered the house and stood in front of the Christmas tree. According to Grandpa, Jackson was enamored by its beauty and the “family spirit” in the home.

Mom, in utter shock, FAILED to grab a camera and document the moment -- instead, invited Michael Jackson back for my dad's work Christmas party. Jackson politely declined, returned to his limo, and headed to Neverland Ranch.

While a photograph was never taken, he left our family with an amazing memory; one that showed Michael Jackson’s heart, compassion, and genuine kindness.

Oh, and the first class menu he signed on the plane.

Source June 26, 2009

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