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Join Brad Sundberg 'In The Studio With MJ' The Homecoming at Westlake Studio LA

As many of you know Brad Sundberg's ' In The Studio with MJ ' seminars has been getting rave reviews from the fans who joined him in Toronto, Orlando, France and around the world. Well Now he is traveling to Los Angeles where it all began. He is bringing out the big  guns as he revisits, Westlake Recording studio where they produced Michael's BAD album and worked on parts of Dangerous and HIStory as well. Brad has great  stories, videos and music to share and a special surprise in store for the fans who attend. But I will let him tell you all about it and I hope you are able to join the homecoming ~ Qbee 

In The Studio With MJ - The Homecoming
June 23/24/25
Westlake Studios, LA

OK, I have some amazing news to share with you, but I need to set the stage, or rather... the table.

Let's time-travel back to around 1986, the Bad era. One of the first things I discovered when working with Bruce, Quincy, Rod and Michael was the importance of food. I know this is going to sound crazy, but stick with me. There will be plenty of time for music, I want to discuss food.

Back then Quincy had a personal chef by the name of Jean-Luke. (Say it in a very French accent, with a soft, shushing "J"). Jean-Luke would occasionally bring in these amazing little chicken sandwiches, with home-made mayo and wafer-thin slices of jalapeno pepper. Beyond words.

Well, Michael was not going to be outdone, so he brought in the big guns: The "Slam Dunk Sisters", Catherine and Laura. They started cooking for Michael (who gave them the nickname) at Havenhurst just after Thriller was released. At the risk of sounding like a Food Network geek (guilty, sort of), they knew how to cook with love. The prepared simple comfort food that I'm sure Michael loved from a very young age. So as the Bad album got on track, Catherine and Laura continued to prepare Michael's meals.

Sometime early in the projected Michael thought it would be great if we stopped working for an hour or two on Friday afternoons and gathered in the studio for a giant family dinner together. You guessed it: "Family Friday Dinner" was born, and the Slam Dunk Sisters became our personal chefs.

I have spent more than a few minutes in my seminars and my writings describing "Family Friday Dinners" and the Slam Dunk Sisters. There is something very special about sharing a meal together with family and friends. Homes are built around kitchens. Holidays are celebrated with specific foods. Celebrations almost always involve meals, beverages and treats. Food is essential to survival, but it can and should be so much more. A great meal shared with family and friends is truly a memorable event.

So "Family Friday Dinner" during the "Bad" and "Dangerous" albums became the highlight of the week. It was what we looked forward to and often talked about. I remember clearly watching the security camera of the parking lot on the TV in the studio, and we would get so excited when we saw Catherine's car pull in Fridays; it meant dinner was very near.

Family Friday Dinner and the Slam Dunk Sisters

Yes, the food was delicious, and I'll get to that in a moment. But it was also the times that my wife Debbie and daughter Amanda would sometimes join us, as would Bruce's wife Bea. Michael Boddicker might have his daughters there, and Frank Dileo would often mysteriously show up on Fridays. I don't think Bill Bray or Miko Brando missed too many "Family Friday Dinners" either. It was food, friendship, laughter and stories.

The food was, in Michael's words, "Country." Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, greens, fried chicken... and of course Catherine's amazing banana puddin'. (Although you can't see it... I am actually just staring into space for a few moments... sorry.)

OK, I'm back.

A few weeks ago I started thinking about the seminars at Westlake this June. I started thinking about reunions and homecomings, and what makes them complete. The answer? Food. Yes, there will be music and stories and memories... but there had to be food.

So... I came up with a crazy idea, and I made a phone call to a dear friend I had not spoken to in more than twenty years: Catherine. We talked and laughed and swapped stories, and finally I got up the courage to ask her a question: Would the original "Slam Dunk Sisters consider providing dinner for my VIP guests at the Homecoming, and snacks for everyone, so everyone could taste the food Michael loved so much? She started giggling and said YES!!!

So let me make sure you understand what is going on here.

On June 23, 24 and 25, we will be at Westlake Studio D, where we produced the Bad album and worked on parts of Dangerous and HIStory. We will be in the same room where Michael and Siedah sang "Man In The Mirror." We will be in the same room where Michael whispered the "Pillow Talk" at the beginning of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You." There is an endless amount of history in this room, but there will also be food. Food that Michael loved, prepared by the two women who prepared it for him and us countless times before. At the risk of sounding corny, this is your chance to hear, feel, see, taste and smell how it felt to be in the studio with us.

Now... VIP tickets are very limited, and those will include the full dinner plus and an extra 3-hours of music and stories. But I have asked Catherine to prepare EVERY ticket holder a light lunch and get the chance to taste her and Laura's food and meet them.

Does that make sense? Let's recap:

All Access = Seminar + light lunch.
VIP = Seminar + light lunch + complete dinner + bonus 3 hours.

So now you are starting to see what a vital role food took in our productions, and why I think it is so important and exciting to bring the Slam Dunk Sisters into The Homecoming.

Exactly seven days from now, tickets will go on sale, at 11:59pm (New York Time), Friday night, March 14th. I am very limited on space for VIP and All-Access (standard) tickets, so please buy your tickets early before they are gone.

Hear things you have never heard.
See things you have never seen.
Learn things you never knew.
Eat like you are part of the team.

Don't Be Messin' Round!

In The Studio With MJ - The Homecoming
June 23/24/25
Westlake Studios, LA

Source:  Facebook In The Studio with MJ

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