Thursday, March 13, 2014

Annual One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Event Open For 2014

This is my favorite event above all in the MJ Community. I'm so grateful to to be able to honor Michael in this way. It speaks volumes to the world of just how much Michael Jackson is still loved and missed even 5 yrs after his passing and it just grows bigger each year. One Rose for Michael has just added a Paypal button on their website to make it even easier to purchase your rose for Michael this year. I have already purchased my first rose and will buy more leading up to June 25th.  ~ Qbee

May each petal on every rose be a kiss floating into eternity for Michael <3 

Annual One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Event Open For 2014

It is with great pleasure to announce, that this year's One Rose for Michael J. Jackson, Rose tribute at Forest Lawn for this June 25th has officially begun.

This is 5th year we celebrate his creative genius & legacy.

Since its inception, this annual rose event has been a monumental endeavor for fans around the world to come together as one and pay our respects to our beloved Man in the Mirror.

While many fans are able to make their pilgrimage to Forest Lawn to be able to personally pay their respect, many fans from around the world are not able to do so, but instead are able to send out their love to Michael in a global effort to honor Michael and his memory.

Each rose represents the heart of a Michael Jackson fan worldwide. Together, these gorgeous, long-stem, freedom roses create a beautiful and amazing Blanket of Love for the world to see just how much Michael continues to be loved....after all, love lives forever.

Please Visit One Rose for Michael J. Jackson below
for more information and details on how you can purchase your Rose for Michael.

My  tribute to One Rose For Michael J. Jackson from 2012 


maria said...

And i pray together with you for may each petal on every rose be a kiss floating into eternity for our Michael
Wonderful post & tribute dear Mickie !

Love Survives - Qbee said...

Thank you Maria - We will make it so beautiful for him once again this year by surrounding him with Roses and sending thousands and thousands of kisses. <3 xoxoxo

Catherine Gross said...

I love this too Mickie. Some have told me I should be putting money to other things...I tell them that is not my calling. I am moved to pay mu humble respect to a beautiful man who touched this world with love.Plus...when I donate my roses, it makes me feel better inside. I hope we get a lot of participation this year...

Love Survives - Qbee said...

When people say that I remind them of all the good work fans do to continue Michael's Charitable legacy. We have Children's homes in Haiti and in Liberia both built by funds contributed from Michael Jackson fans. We do our part to further that Legacy as well. So if a fan wants to by him Roses to honor him it shouldn't be questioned. We have all bases covered. Its all being taken care of.

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