Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lloyd's of London Settles Insurance Policy Lawsuit with Michael Jackson Estate

Such a busy week for court cases related to Michael Jackson. I will be so glad when  all the litigation is over and we can just focus on celebrating  Michael  and his music. A new Album would be a very timely way to do  just that.  I hope it is announced soon. ~Qbee

A lawsuit over the $17.5 million policy payout related to Michael Jackson's planned comeback concerts has been settled.

 Lloyd's of London underwriters had been seeking to nullify the  non-appearance and concert cancellation policy, that it issued just months before Jackson's death in June 2009

Paul K. Shrieffer, who represented Lloyd's and Howard Weitzman, attorney for Jackson's estate announced the settlement on wednesday before a hearing that would decide what evidence could be presented at trial.  They did not offer any details about the settlement and did not know how the judge was planning to rule on the evidentiary hearing,  before announcing they had resolved the case.

If the case had gone to trial it would  have put the focus once again on Jackson's health in the weeks and months before he died.  A trial had been scheduled for Feb. 24.

Also on Wednesday, an appellate court Denied Conrad Murrays appeal and unanimously upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Murray, who gave Jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

In  another case related to Michael Jackson on on Monday,  the judge refused to allow  a retrial in a lawsuit filed by Jackson's mother Katherine,  against AEG Live that contended it negligently hired the doctor convicted of killing her son.

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