Friday, January 10, 2014

Disney Infinity Executive Producer Wants Michael Jackson's Captain EO in the Game

A very interesting  feature on HDRoom today. I would be so Thrilled to see Captain EO  become a  "toys to life"character in Disney's video game. Looks like Disney's,  Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi  want to see this  become a reality as well ~ Qbee

Disney Infinity Executive Producer Wants Michael Jackson's
Captain EO in the Game

Disney Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi shared an intriguing tweet earlier this evening that reveals a character he desperately wants to see in the popular "toys to life" Disney Interactive video game in the future. That figure is none other than Captain EO as portrayed by Michael Jackson, and Vignocchi has some strong words regarding his love for the character.

I took my first family trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida as an adult this past fall and of course took my kids to see Captain EO at Epcot. Their dad was far more into the trip down nostalgia lane than the were. In fact, they were more interested in trying something else out rather than a return trip into director Francis Ford Coppola's trippy outer space realm. I openly admit that while watching Captain EO, the thought of a Disney Infinity figure based on the Michael Jackson hero character crossed my mind.

Captain EO is best remembered as a product of the 1980s, and the children of that time -- myself included -- are the ones buying Disney Infinity figures for their children. Today's kids may be all into Anna, Elsa, Lightning McQueen, Sully and the other more recent Disney characters, but I've seen more than one adult enthusiastically grab a Jack Skellington for their kids because those are the characters they relate to from their childhood and want to share them with their kids.

Here's Vignocchi's tweet as he wrote it:

I'd love to see Vignocchi follow through on this social media proclamation ....


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