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The World's ACTUAL Highest-Paid Musician 2013 Is Michael Jackson

Looks like everyone else can Beat it ~ Qbee

The World's Actual Highest-Paid Musician Is... Deceased Michael Jackson

Remember this as you sort through Forbes' ever-fascinating list of Musicians Who Still Make Lots of Money: It's limited to living artists only. Quite sensibly, sure, but the scrilla scared up by your Madges and Gagas and Bruce's and Jovis, Bon does still pale -- well, not quite pale, but doesn't nearly match up with that earned by the True King of Pop, His Immortal Greatness, Michael Jackson.

Madonna topped out at $125 million.
Next on the list, Gaga raked in $80 mill.
Diddy (No. 12) scraped together $50 million shilling shitty clear liquor.

But MJ? Whoo-boy...

$160 million is the late pop star's estate's gross income for 2013, as reported by Forbes.

And on a list that reads like a battle of old names against newer ones -- Bieber vs. Bruce, Taylor vs. Toby Keith, Coldplay and Queen Bey -- consider it the ultimate triumph of the past and the King of Pop, that a dead Michael Jackson still beats a living everyone else... by exactly $35 million.

Story By Ian S. Port Mon., Dec. 2 2013 - Categories: The Music (Sigh) Industry

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