Thursday, December 26, 2013

New book - Michael Jackson * The Maestro – The Definitive A-Z

Finally Chris Cadman's New book, Michael Jackson -The Maestro is released. Chris is a well known respected author and historian on all things Michael in the MJ Community. He has written several very popular reference books on the life and works of Michael Jackson. Probably his most famous was  "For The Record" which was a number One best seller in 2009.  This time he has  written a definitive book about Michael called "The Maestro – The Definitive A-Z"  and the first volume has just been released . (Volume 1  A-J )  This is not tabloid, it is a very thoughtful, well researched, reference book about his life and his work as an artist.  I am certainly going to add this one to my collection.  ~ Qbee


From the moment he first stepped on stage at the age of five to his final rehearsals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson was a dynamic performer. During his 45 year career in entertainment, Jackson changed the face of popular music, amazed audiences worldwide and broke down barriers still felt today.

"Michael Jackson The Maestro – The Definitive A-Z ", the new book from the co-author of "Michael Jackson: For The Record", Chris Cadman takes the reader through the music that made the world dance and sing along, the TV performances that were household events, the tours that sold out venues across the world, and many moments that are remembered today. 

Included is information on Jackson's many recordings from the mid 1960s sessions at Steeltown Records to his last recordings, his performances, short films, film projects, and titbits on the producers, directors, songwriters, and many others who played a significant role in Jackson's career. 

Carefully researched over a span of 4 years, 'The Maestro' goes beyond the tabloid generated image and looks into the heart of one of the greatest artists of all time.

'The Maestro' brings you Michael Jackson's remarkable life through his music, his performances, his interviews, his achievements and his charity endeavours. Read about the significant people in his life and the many film offers that came his way that sadly never came to fruition. Plus discover his never ending devotion to children's charities and the less fortunate around the world.

This is Michael Jackson The Maestro - The Definitive A-Z: ( Volume 1 - A-J

'The Maestro' (Volume 1) is a detailed 860 pages celebrating the life and times of Michael Jackson from recordings to tours to interviews. It's all here. Everything you want to know.


"Michael Jackson The Maestro" is currently available to purchase from  And for pre-order from Amazon UK. In the next few weeks it
will become available at Barnes & Noble and Authorsonline 

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