Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Michael Jackson Backup singer Dorian Holley: Being Onstage with MJ Was a Ride in a Whirlwind

Dorian Holley one of Michael Jackson's backup singer explains what is was like to perform on stage with Michael. Dorian was blessed to go on many tours with MJ, including being chosen once again, for The "This Is It" Concerts that were cancelled due to Michael's passing. ~ Qbee

Dorian Holley, Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow & Darryl Phinnessee

Recently a young man asked me what it was like to share the stage with MJ.

Being onstage with mj was a ride in a whirlwind. The entire band, singers and dancers accepted the challenge of bringin it in the same way Michael brought it. We weren’t stopping till the train pulled all the way into the station.

Michael hit it hard, so hard, too hard! Every single night out he would hammer down the show like he was trying to bust up a mountain. It was always: "This is my last show." Most of us say it, but that's the way he did it. He danced hard. He sang hard. He always struck me like an artist just getting in the business and trying to make a name for himself; like he had something to prove.

We tried to slay it as well. We rode Tyrannosaurus Rex into the mouth of a volcano. We surfed the lava, the board melting under our feet.

 Whatever MJ did we followed him. If he stopped, we hit the brakes. If he kept going, we fired it off. All the way up. All the way down. Talk about a high. Woooo.

 After each show it felt like I’d ridden a comet to the moon. Can't even describe it to you. My first world tour. MJ's first solo tour. We were out to conquer the universe.

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