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What was Michael Michael Jackson Vision for his comeback show 'This is It'?

I love finding  these beautiful positive articles about Michael's creativity and purpose.  I really appreciate these words. Michael wanted to help others and he had forthought in how he could do that with his music and art. He really did come from a place of love. He gave back to the places and countries he toured in much more than just performing. Also People felt something moving in their hearts when they went to his concerts. He inspired his audience to heal the world.  I believe that was Michael's intent when he created his music and performed in concert.  I also believe after having the opportunity to attend that  the Cirque "Immortal World Tour" tries to convey the same message. ~ Qbee

What would Michael Jackson have done with his comeback show 'This is It'?

FIFTY SOLD-OUT London arena shows were already in the bank. So what would Michael Jackson have done next with his big career comeback show, "This Is It," ...

"Kuala Lumpur was to be the next stop," said Travis Payne, then working on the show's choreography with its?"brilliant" star and director Kenny Ortega. "Michael wanted to revolutionize the way tours were being done. He was always thinking like a great producer, too. He was telling us we needed to design a way to maximize the audience that could see him with less travel time for him and the company. So he proposed setting up the show for two or three months in a single location, make that a portal, as opposed to being on a plane, jumping from city to city, twice a week."

And why Kuala Lumpur, the most populous city in Malaysia, and other locations on Jackson's portal wish list in India and the Republic of Sri Lanka?

"Just as he did on the HIStory tour, when we went to Northern Africa, the idea was to set up in a region that was struggling and could really benefit economically from having us there. Everything Michael did came from a place of love and the commitment to do good. That's the way he was with us working on the show - you felt like you were being nurtured, constantly stimulated and encouraged to come up with the best ideas in a collective situation.

"And that's where his art was coming from," added Payne. "His concept was not just to make a great song you could dance to. His way was to reel you in and get your attention, so then you'd get the deep message. That was the science to it. That's why his music transcended generations, appealed to little children, older people, everyone. And hopefully, people who see the Cirque show are now feeling all that, too. That was our intent."

- Jonathan Takiff

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Cirque show captures Michael Jackson's magic

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