Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael Jackson's Great Love For The Earth and All Living Things

This is a beautiful video created by myrvette0308   to show how concerned Michael Jackson was about environmental issues and his great love for the people, nature and animals. It features a spoken word poem written by Michael , entitled "Planet Earth" which was first published in his "Dancing The Dream" book. In the poem you can here the soft, sweetness of his voice showing his love for our world.

The video also features in comparison Michael's "Earth Song" which shows his great concern and is a cry to save the world from impending disaster. It is imperative we listen and take action to take care of the planet to insure we can continue to coexist with our beautiful Earth. because with or without us she will still remain one of God's most beautiful creations.

The reality is the Earth doesn't need us to exist. We need her. I like Michael believe mankind was called by God to be stewards of the Earth and all living things so we can thrive together. All of God's creation is his glory. I hope we will all be inspired to action by his beautiful voice, music and message


Michael Jackson's Planet Earth  Poem and The Earth Song 
are both available on Michael's  THIS IS IT  ALBUM
released in 2009 shortly after his death. It debuted at
Number One on the Billboard Charts

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