Friday, November 11, 2011

MJGlobal Family UNITED for Michael - TURN OFF TV

News Release:
CLAAD organization is urging the public to shut off their televisions, turn on their favorite Michael Jackson songs.  Coalition Urges Public To Spurn MSNBC Documentary

No tolerance, no excuses for ‘white-coat crimes’ of rogue prescribing.
A national alliance of families, medical professionals, law enforcement, and drug abuse prevention advocates has urged the public to turn off their TVs this Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. The call for action comes in response to MSNBC’s plan to air a documentary featuring the doctor found guilty for the homicide death of Michael Jackson.

CLAAD is urging the public to shut off their televisions, turn on their favorite Michael Jackson songs, and clean out their medicine cabinets this Friday night.

MJGlobal Family UNITED for Michael
Posted on November 11, 2011 by MJJJusticeProject
We Can’t Take It.. We’ve Already Had Enough

Across the world Michael Jackson is loved not for his music but for his humanity. This extraordinary gift from God had so much more to do on this earth as his philanthropic mission, envisioned from childhood, had not yet come to fruition. A brilliant light in our world forever snuffed out by the calloused actions of another. We cannot stand idly by and watch the media once again tear at him like a pack of wolves, nor allow his killer to have “his say” without fear of perjury.

WE URGE ALL BLOGGERS – Use this information to set up a post on your site.

We request ALL the MJGlobal family members particpate in this endeavor.
In support of the MJGlobal family of advocates that have been clearly demonstrating our moral indignation for such a calamity as allowing a convicted felon to profit from the very victim he killed ‘s call to Turn off our TV   has stood behind us against the media giant NBC/COMCAST/MSNBC.

WE, stand together UNITED in this cause and are promoting that TV sets be turned off during the broadcast tonight, we invite fans from Australia to Europe, from Africa to the Americas and Asia, to come on Twitter tonight and voice our disdain at this most unconscionable betrayal.

Time Zones:
NEW YORK: 11/11/11 9PM – 11PM
LOS ANGELES: 11/11/11 6PM-8PM
LONDON: 11/12/11 2AM-4AM
PARIS: 11/12/11 3AM-5AM
MOSCOW: 11/12/11 6AM-8AM
JOHANNESBURG : 11/12/11 4AM – 6AM
SYDNEY: 11/12/11 1PM-3PM
JAKARTA: 11/12/11 9AM-11AM
BEIJING: 11/12/11 10AM-12PM
HONG KONG: 11/12/11 10AM-12PM

We will trend: TURN TV OFF
No hashtag.
Only use the TT once in a tweet
You can add the following individuals to your tweets:

@SavannahGuthrie – the “reporter” interviewing the convicted killer
@todayshow Documentary will be shown
@mgraboff – President of MSNBC & NBC
@NBC – TV Station that has been airing excerpts and promoting the documentary
@MSNBC: TV Station that will broadcast the full documentary tonight

NOTE: We consider Michael as a brother, a beloved family member and will not contribute to the corporate bottom line greed of NBC and it’s affliates. Nor will be any part of lining the pockets of Michael’s murderer, Conrad Murray or his debtors.

We urge you not to contribute to their viewing numbers or give MSNBC the viewership and ratings they desire. If you must watch the Murray documentary it is readily available on YouTube.

Transcript also available by the courtesy of MJJCommunity

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