Friday, November 04, 2011

Jury deliberations begin in Conrad Murray Trial

I am not anxious but a little  nervous waiting for the verdict. Thank God I have a huge family of Michael Jackson lovers who love and support each other through every trial, tribulation and even joyous occasions we have had over the years.  We are not alone.  ~Qbee

Jury deliberations begin in Conrad Murray Trial

The jury in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's doctor begins deliberating Dr. Conrad Murray's late Friday morning. This comes after some emotional closing arguments were delivered Thursday.

Prosecutor David Walgren maintained that the evidence against Murray is "overwhelming" and "abundantly clear." Walgren reminded jurors that this trial isn't just about Michael Jackson – but about his children who will now grow up without a father. The defense argued that the trial was not a "reality show."

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan explains to Carol Costello why he believes the jury will reach a verdict quickly – and why Dr. Murray could be convicted.


I have embedded video recordings of the live stream uploaded by JustMeSTKK  on Youtube for your convenience so you can review the Judges Instructions to the Jury along with Closing arguments from both the Prosecution and defense in the People VS Conrad Murray Trial.

Judge Pastor gives instructions to the Jury

Prosecutor David Walgren's Closing Arguments

Defense Ed Chernoff's Closing Arguments

Prosecutor David Walgrens Final rebuttle

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