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Larry Nimmer's Visit To Neverland June 17. 2011

Larry Nimmer, the author of "Michael Jackson The Untold Story of Neverland"
just Posted a few nice words on his Facebook about his recent visit to Neverland.
He says its restored beautifully and even has some animals in the zoo. ~Qbee

Yesterday, I was guest of Sébastien Brassard Simard at Neverland Ranch for a tour and lunch. Sebastien is a MJ fan from Quebec and he (along with his guest, me) was invited by Tom Barrack, the owner of the Ranch. Barrack reached out to Sebastian, after receiving communications from him.

 In this photo, Sebastien and I are below Michael's "Giving Tree".

I found the estate to be well maintained with some things restored to their old glory. Part of the interior decorative gate has been reinstalled, many of the statues are back on the grounds, the train station is beautiful, and there were some animlas in the zoo. Apparently the staff are giving some sick animals a home. I have a few more photos posted on the "Being Mike-like" group page.

This is a shot I took on of a trailer at Neverland that is very Mike-like.

Michael sent the trailer out to schools, with one of his staff, to teach kids about nature. What are you doing today that is Mike-like? For me, it occurred at breakfast in a restaurant. I was with my wife, who is using a walker because of a broken ankle, and I did subtle things to not draw attention to her disability problem.

I offer my thanks to Tom Barrack, and the kind staff at Neverland Ranch. Some of the staff have worked their for years and had fond memories of Michael... they were very Mike-like... gracious, modest, effective and kind. And thanks to Sebastien, it was fun seeing Neverland through his eyes and hangin with him. His parents left him when he was a year old and he was raised on Michael Jackson music and stories. He learned English to understand Michael's words and he has made a study of Neverland. In fact, the ranch manager said that he should give tours of Neverland as he knew about everything, and it's exact location.

Michael Jackson Dance Studio Neverland

Best wishes to Michael's fans.
I truly felt the spirit of Michael at Neverland and he has you in his heart.

Source: Larry Nimmer


Aloha said...

Thank you Qbee for sharing these photos and Larry's impressions of his recent visit to Neverland. Tom Barrack sounds like he has a good heart. How great to read that Sebastien's dream of visiting Neverland came true. I hope he does get to lead tours there one day soon.

Monalisa Jackson said...

Thank you Larry for sharing this.
Is there any chance someone can organize a visit at the Ranch ?
I really do hope one day there will be a way to visit Neverland. For us Michael's admirers from all over the world (France for me), it is very important to get closer to him somehow...

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