Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bravado Sues J.R.P (Joe Jackson's Partner) Over MJ Fragrance

Joe Jackson was promting the new “Jackson” scent line at the Cannes Film Festival last month on behalf of a company called Julian Rouas Paris. But now according to a lawsuit filed by Bravado, J.R.P. never obtained permission to use Michael’s name and image in connection with the product.

 Bravado International a company that owns the rights to license all things Michael Jackson is asking a federal court in Los Angeles to force Julian Rouas Paris to immediately strip anything MJ-related from their product line ASAP.

 Michael's toe stand silhouettes at the very top
This Is It Silhouette on package and bottle
Michael's Image & Neverland used on add to promote product

Bravado is also seeking $750 for each time MJ’s name and likeness were used on a product PLUS three times the amount of profits they’ve made on the scents PLUS more than $150k in damages.

A rep for Bravado tells TMZ, (who broke the story) “Michael Jackson’s talent made his name one of the most valuable in the history of entertainment, and no person acting on behalf of the estate gave Mr. Rouas oral or written consent to exploit it.”

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David said...

I'm glad Bravado International is finally clamping down on this fraudulent company Julian Rouas Paris, that was bound to happen. Julian Franck Rouas is accustomed to bad news, a lawsuit is also underway in France against him for Abuse of Trust, Forgery, theft, and Copyright Infringement; Julian Rouas stole his flagship product Swing from a French perfumer. I can hear the death knell for Julian Rouas Paris. To punctuate this news, every Michael Jackson fan ought to read the truth about the man behind the Jackson Tribute Perfume, Julian Franck Rouas,

MentalCity said...

Thanks David. Julian Rouas and Joe Jackson made headlines on June 9, 2011, when they were sued by Bravado International for illegally using Michael Jackson' s name and likeness in their upcoming line of perfumes.
What's happened since? Julian Rouas Paris took down a few pictures of Michael in its website and replaced them with other pictures that have a passing resemblance with Michael. Tricky, tricky!! However, Joe Jackson is pursing his shameful agenda with the French perfumer, whom has now been exposed as a lying weasel and a scam-artist. Every Michael Jackson Fans ought to keep a close eye on this shady operation. Personally, I'm quite mad about this, appropriately so !!

Julian Rouas Paris has acquired a rotten reputation in Los Angeles in record time for ripping people off. Read Also...

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