Thursday, May 28, 2015

Michael Jackson Victory: Court Dismisses Wade Robson Lawsuite against MJ Estate.

After waiting over two years, Michael Jackson fans and supporters can rest easy. A Los Angeles judge dismissed dancer Wade Robson’s sexual molestation accusations yesterday, tossing out the creditor’s claim against the King of Pop.

My News LA reports that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who heard Robson’s motion last month, decided to dismiss the claim after the dancer waited close to four years after Jackson’s death to file his case. Robson filed a claim against the Michael Jackson estate in May, 2013, whereas Jackson passed away in 2009. Per California Code of Civil Procedure Section 336.3, a creditor’s claim must be filed one year of the debtor’s date of death.

According to court documents, Robson claims that Jackson repeatedly molested him for several years, starting in 1990 and lasting until 1997. One of Robson’s attorneys, Maryann Marzano, indicated in court last month that although the case was filed past California’s statute of limitations for a creditor’s claim, her client experienced brainwashing, which ultimately held him back from filing in time.

The attorney also said the case "cries out" for equity to ensure that Robson has a full court hearing and can heard out.

One of the attorneys for the Jackson estate, Jonathan Steinsapir, however, stated that regardless of why Robson took so long to file the claim, the fact still remains that he waited to file well past the statute of limitations in California. Statute of limitations are set into place to ensure that people cannot file lawsuits years after the alleged incidents occurred.

Judge Beckloff agreed with Steinsapir. In a 19-page ruling, the judge tossed out the case, rendering it impossible for Robson to move forward to a full court hearing.

lawyer representing the Jackson estate, Howard Weitzman, released a statement shortly after the judge’s decision, bringing up Robson’s 2005 court testimony in which the choreographer was one of the key witnesses for the Michael Jackson’s defense.


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