Thursday, February 20, 2014

MICHAEL JACKSON Had a Heart of GOLD Now the world can touch it...Literally !

1st Edition:
Broken Heart Stone
World’s Most Famous Handprint
Michael Jackson - King of Pop
Andrew Wilson

Through a maze of incredible circumstance and chance, and last minute decisions that made this story possible, a historical and photographic journey of the Broken Heart Stone, which remained hidden in a Las Vegas casino basement for over two decades. A twist of fate made it possible for an incredible story that would have otherwise gone un-written in the pages of entertainment history.

Whether coincidence or otherwise, many feel the image of a Broken Heart in Michael's hand print is a powerful and symbolic reminder of Michael Jackson's life ... One might ask: Is this a final message to his family, his friends and his fans? Read the amazing stories behind the Broken Heart Stone.

"To give someone a piece of your heart, is worth more than all the wealth in the world."
~Michael Jackson

Had a heart of GOLD
Now the world can touch it...Literally !

If MJ Fans can’t come to Hollywood…we’ll bring Hollywood to them.
Fans everywhere can now place their hand in Michael’s Broken Heart Palm

1984: Michael Jackson had placed his footprints, hand print, and autograph into wet
cement for the Riviera Hotel. When the city cancelled the Walk-of-Fame project, the
Stone was forgotten in a basement for over 2 decades. The palm of Michael’s hand
print has the shape of a HEART with a profound crack, thus: Broken Heart Stone.

An official documentary of the Immortalization of Michael Jackson; how the Broken
Heart Stone, a 300 lb piece of cement, went from the forgotten shadows of obscurity
to Hollywood’s Eternal Mecca for celebrities, the forecourt of the Chinese Theater? 
(Portion of proceeds from book going to Cancer Research:

Whether coincidence or otherwise, the Broken Heart Stone is a tasteful, powerful,
and symbolic reminder of Michael’s life. Here is an amazing historical and
photo-graphical journey of how something so precious was almost lost until a twist
of fate changed everything for Michael’s fans. We now have a lasting tribute to the
greatest entertainer of all time...and MJ fans can now place their hand in his.

Available in Spanish & English worldwide on Amazon, Nook, Kindle & soon, iTunes.
Hard Copy of the book is available from the publishers’ website:  A large 10" X 10" coffee table book: 154 pages, over 180
Historical & Exclusive photos. Limited 1st Edition, numbered, hand signed by author,
and relic granules of the Stone's excavation along with a numbered Certificate of
Authenticity will accompany the book. CD included in the Hard-Copy book with 2
tribute songs to Michael. iTunes will also have 2 songs w/book.

Pat Rivers, an Independent book reviewer, gives the author 2 thumbs up: " Wilson
delivers a captivating story of incredible chance, and perseverance to rescue a
forgotten piece of entertainment history. The photos tell a story all its own. The
musical CD can move one to tears. Definitely World’s Most Famous Hand Print."  (Pat

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Love Survives - Qbee said...

I just read the book about the "Broken Heart Stone" and its incredible journey. It is the original stone placed at Graumans Chinese Theater. You will not believe all this guy (Andrew Wilson and his wife) had to go through to get the Stone in the right hands . It was very suspenseful and even had some unsavory characters that made you worried about the fate of stone along with Andrew and what would happen.

There were many remarkable little miracles that surrounded it's journey. I cried reading the book. It was such a beautiful story, Andrew was also so kind to all the fans as well. He had great love and respect for Michael and He protected the Broken Heart Stone like it was the Holy Grail. There were many beautiful surprises in the book . I didn't really think it would be much of a story, just documentation but I was pleasantly surprised.

There is a beautiful Hard cover for pre sale but I just bought the Kindly edition to see if I would like it. I'm going to leave this for a review.

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