Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thai Puppeteers Bring Michael Jackson's Iconic 'Billie Jean' performance to life.

The art of puppetry has resurrected the King of Pop, Michael Jackson with the unprecedented manipulating technique and the innovative puppet mechanism to emulate the immortal gestures and styles of the King of Pop known and loved around the world.

A free performance of traditional Thai arts dazzled an audience in Washington D.C. last week as the Royal Thai Embassy hosted the “Thai Classical Dance (Khon) and Puppet Show”, performed by the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Culture of Thailand and the Joe Louis Theatre in Bangkok, at the Warner Theater.

The September 30 show was part of celebrations marking the 180th anniversary of official relations between Thailand and the United States. The event was attended by almost 1,700 people, including invited guests from high-level U.S. governmental and private sectors, diplomatic corps as well as Thai and American general public.

Asian puppeteers bring the King of Pop's most iconic performance to life.

The performance was the last performed before the closing act featuring all the dancers and puppeteers, during a colorful night of Thai classical dance (Khon) and Thai puppetry at Asia Society in New York, presented in conjunction with the Royal Thai Embassy. The puppeteers are artists from the Joe Louis Theatre in Bangkok.

While a huge contrast to the traditional dancers and puppets that were featured, this shows a great appreciation for Michael Jackson's art and how he inspires all cultures with his music and dance. At the end of the last performance as all performers take their bows, you can see Michael's puppet (true to form) waving and throwing kisses to the audience.

 Watch the complete program (1 hr., 54 min.) 



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