Sunday, September 29, 2013

Michael Jackson Coronation - King of the Sanwi's in Krinjabo, Africa 1992

Michael Jackson "King of the Sanwis"

 Moon Is Walking by Ladysmith Black Mambazo 
Performed for Michael on the set of his Moonwalker movie
 The performance was included in the Moonwalker movie credits

on a golden throne Saturday Feb 15th 1992 in Krinjabo, an Ivory Coast village. Jackson, who wore an orange shirt and black pants was donned with a traditional robe during the ceremony. Kings and chiefs from nearby villages joined Krinjabo villagers in celebrating Jackson's honorary enthronement. Elders chanted incantations as they poured gin on the dry ground to honor the memory of the village's ancestors. As the village people stood in admiration, Amon N' Djaolk, the traditional tribal chief of Krindjabo, placed a crown of gold upon the head of the musical monarch and pronounced him "king of Sanwi.

Overcome by emotions, the shy, sensitive son of Joseph and Katherine Jackson smiled and said, "Merci beaucoup," to the French-speaking people and repeated in English, 'Thank you very much." He then joined elders of the king's court, signed official documents and sat on a throne of gold as women dancers, clad in white gowns, gave a dazzling performance of ritual dances. These elderly women are the guardians of the village, and their ceremonial dances gave their blessings to the crowning of "King Sanwi" and asked God for protection at a tree that symbolized the essence of power.

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