Sunday, July 28, 2013

Michael Jackson, The Addict ?

Being an an addict or drug dependent person doesn't mean the person is always a practicing addict or using and taking drugs. It Just means they have addiction or dependency health issues and can easily relapse back into that behaviour. Addiction is an illness, not a question of ones character. 

Michael himself admitted he had a problem with addiction and dependency in 1993 and with the help of his good friend Elizabeth Taylor checked into a rehabilitation center.

Sadly MJ would never be afforded the opportunity to attend a 12 step program group or similar programs to continue therapy and help . (He was too famous to have privacy in doing that) But one of the Drs' testified that Michael was given and following a 12 step program along with his narcan implant and he said it was helping him at that time.

We heard from several Doctors that Michael reached out for help and didn't want to be dependent on these pain medications. We know he wasn't always taking these drugs and was successful many times in getting free from them. but the sad truth is, because of his Great fame he wasn't able to get the proper help that is afforded to so many millions of others who also suffer from addiction or dependency. He was alone in fighting his battles. Michael said sometimes he felt like the loneliest person in this world. I believe he was most of the time, because of his great fame, he was alienated from the world and so many things we take for granted.

Based on evidence presented, Michael wasn't abusing pain medications in the later years of his life and at death his autopsy didn't show any signs of abuse from prescription drugs or any recreational drugs.

Regardless this has NOTHING to do with who he was as a person, as a humanitarian, Great artist and entertainer. With all the trials and tribulation he faced these are indeed awesome accomplishments, which should be awarded, lauded and applauded. 

Michael Jackson was a very kind, generous, gentle, genius and artist. The best entertainer to ever grace this planet with with childlike heart of gold to match... and truth be told,

 The World at large Loves Michael Jackson and always will. 

They drew a Line to shut him out - Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and he had the wit to win: He drew a circle and took them In"

Paraphrased From the poem " Outwitted” 

~ Edwin Markham


Kerry Hennigan said...

This is exactly what I have been thinking and telling people while the various testimonies have come out... it should not affect the way we view or how much we love Michael (except to love him more - because of what he endured for the sake of his art, his audience [us] and his children). You express it so beautifully! As a fellow fan I say THANK YOU so much!

Yuen Siu Ping said...

Yes, I really don't know how to comments the latest testimonies by doctors who were claimed to be Michael's doctors. I have been thinking the same. Michael trusted doctors and lawyers all his life. Michael was fighting all the way for his best health. We learned there are times he was successful and times he fell into the dependency again. How could we NOT feel bad and sad when we learned how he fought alone. It seems that he only took pills day in and day out and could I ask the doctors they treat Michael with the best benefit for the patient in mind. Even the highest pay could not get the best medical service, what a shame! (posted by Miranda)

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