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Jackson Family Attorney Brian Oxman Disbarred

This is something I have been waiting to hear since Jan when he was recommended to be disbarred.  Oxman always  claimed to be an expert on Michael Jackson but only promoted his own agenda and threw MJ  under the bus with his drug addict and conspiracy stories after his death. In my opinion he is a dishonest low life and only sought the attention of the media and not the best interest of his clients. Please read the back story at the bottom to see how dishonest Oxman really is. He was also bringing harm to Michael during the 2005 trial by running his mouth to the media appearing on various TV shows. Tom Mesereau specifically asked him and  those involved with Michael to stop speaking on his behalf  to the media and he even had Oxman removed from the court during the trial for his antics.  Veteran MJ fans knew Brian was Bad news from his past antics and the lies he was reporting to the media before and after Michael's passing.  Many unaware supported him because of his involvement with the Jackson family or because they believed in his unfounded conspiracy theories. They found out quickly what Oxman was all about as the truth about MJ unfolded.  He was representing Joseph Jackson in his latest law suite and when he was recommended to be disbarred his wife Maureen took over the that case. But guess what ? She is also recommended to be disbarred like Brian for dishonest practicing of the law.  I posted two articles below plus a link to the CA Appellate Court  and  CA State Bar ~ Qbee

Tom Mesereau reeming Brian Oxman during the 2005 trial

California Appellate Court Docket (Register of Actions)
OXMAN ON DISCIPLINE  Case Number S201599

State Bar Of California - Rickey Brian Oxman - #72172

Former Michael Jackson Attorney Brian Oxman Disbarred (Exclusive)

Brian Oxman, a former attorney for Michael Jackson and a favorite talking head on news programs, has been disbarred.

Last week, the California Supreme Court denied Oxman's appeal of a state bar ruling recommending that the high-profile lawyer be stripped of his right to practice law, according to public filings.

The State Bar of California said Oxman had used his client's trust account to evade creditors, commingled his personal funds in that account, and failed to cooperate with disciplinary investigations.  He was also charged with one count of failing to report a judicial sanction.

The state bar also recommended a suspension for Oxman's wife, Maureen Patricia Jaroscak.

The complaints against the couple involved clients other than Jackson.

In denying Oxman's petition for writ of review, the court wrote that he was "disbarred from the practice of law in California and that his name is stricken from the roll of attorneys."

Oxman was part of Jackson's defense team during his 2005 trial for child molestation, but parted ways before the trial concluded with Jackson's acquittal. He also appeared as a legal expert on a range of programs such as "Good Morning America," "Nancy Grace" and "Larry King Live."

A call left at Oxman and Jaroscak's most recent known number was not immediately returned.

Source: The Wrap


Brian Oxman Disbarred,  Former Michael Jackson Lawyer..
Sort of

Brian Oxman, the attorney who always held himself out as the lawyer and spokesman for Michael Jackson and his family, has finally been disbarred by the California Bar Assocation. Oxman has been disciplined several times over the yeas by the California Bar, but this time it’s for good.

He’s out and so is his wife, who also practiced law. The wife, Maureen Jaroscak, has been suspended for 18 months.

The deciding judge writes: “We recommend Oxman be disbarred to protect the public, the courts, and the legal profession.”

Oxman was like a court jester in the Jackson family sagas. Randy Jackson, Michael’s brother, insisted that Oxman be part of Michael’s defense team in his 2005 child molestation trial. After many screw ups, and falling asleep in court several times, lead attorney Tom Mesereau fired him.

Nevertheless, media outlets kept using Oxman as an authority on Jackson. They wouldn’t accept the fact that just because a person wants to be on TV, they know nothing.

Mesereau, a brilliant attorney who was saddled with Oxman, must be thrilled. He only thought of him as a jackass who couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

The disbarment didn’t come from the Jackson case. Rather, it was from what the Bar decision described as mismanagement of client funds, failure to properly represent a woman in her divorce and other infractions.

The disbarment is already on the Cal Bar site, and is effective July 27, 2012.

Source: Roger Friedman

Back Story (more details)
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