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Fans Pay Homage to Michael Jackson Bearing Gifts and over Ten Thousand Roses on Third Anniversary of his Passing.

Once again Fans Pay Homage to Michael Jackson with Hundreds of Gifts and Over Ten Thousand Roses on  June 25th, 2012.  The Third Anniversary of his Passing.

A throng of fans gathered at Forest Lawn Cemetery outside of Holly Terrace, the section where Michael's Tomb is located in the Great Mausoleum.  The Fans, Local and from all over the world sent and came bearing thousands of gifts and near 11 Thousand Roses in buckets marked "One Rose For Michael Jackson", lined the walls and walks ways.

 The devoted fans brought and sent thousands of gifts that were on display in the makeshift memorial.  Including stuffed animals, Beautiful homemade cards, quilts, Posters, bouquets and elaborate flower stands  to commemorate the passing of the Pop King entertainer and humanitarian, Michael Jackson

Among others who came to pay respect, notable was Michael's sister Latoya Jackson earlier in the week,  Michael's father Joseph Jackson,  Michael's Brother Randy Jackson and long time friend Frank Casico

Frank Casico with  fan Erin Jacobs

Randy Jackson, Michael's brother pay respects and allowed some of the fans to visit  his 
brothers private tomb. He signed a few autographs and spoke with fans before leaving.

 The "Sunflowers for Michael" group and Sandy Lee Scott. Delivered  these beautiful
 flowers on 6/24/2012,  taken inside the Mausoleum, by his tomb on 6/25/2012.

Robyn Starkand a Michael Jackson fan from  Los Angeles along with other fans helped organize the delivery of over 10 Thousand long stem Roses through the online, campaign “One Rose for Michael Jackson” . She was amazed at the huge response this year.  The roses allowed thousands of fans from all over the world unable to make the trip, be part of the 3rd Anniversary to commemorate  Michael.

The roses will be sent to Sr citizen homes and other select places in the LA area that can enjoy them after the memorial.


To pay homage to Michael's long time friend and confident, Elizabeth Taylor. Seven Long stem roses were place by the group at the foot of the Angel that graces Taylor's public memorial at Forest Lawn.

When asked why the group chose roses, Starkland said it was an easy pick.
 “It’s the creme de la creme of flowers, and that’s what he was."

If Roses grow in Heaven Please pick a bunch for me.
Place them into Michaels arms And tell him they're from me
Tell him that I love him And when he turns to smile
Place a kiss upon his cheek And hug him for awhile
Remembering him is easy I do it every day
But there's an ache within my heart for I miss him more today.
~ Irene Elsharkawy
 What is in a name? "Michael Jackson"
by any other name a Rose is still a Rose

The Rose - My Tribute to One Rose For Michael Jackson - June 25,  2012

If you would like to view many more pictures and discuss this event
come visit Michael Jackson - In Remembrance  at  MJJCommunity.com

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