Thursday, May 17, 2012

FULL INTERVIEW Katherine Jackson on Piers Morgan Tonight

 Katherine Jackson on Piers Morgan Tonight  May 14, 2012

Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, talks about Michael three years after his death. She says “Every morning. Every day. I think about Michael”. She talks about Michael’s childhoord, him being abused, his lovelife, children, artwork and Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine Jackson, says she’ll probably never get over her son’s death, telling talk show host Piers Morgan, “If I wake up through the night, my mind is there.” Nearly three years have passed since the King of Pop died, but Katherine can still still feel the void left by Michael’s death. “I just miss him,” she said during Monday night’s airing of Piers Morgan Tonight. “But being a Christian and believing in the resurrection, I feel that I’ll see him again." Katherine, who is 82, is the guardian of Michael’s three children, 15-year-old Prince, 14-year-old Paris and 9-year-old Blanket.


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