Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jermaine Jackson Adresses The Death Hoax On Twitter

Jermaine Jackson expresses his feelings and concerns on Twitter about his brother Michael and the Death Hoax theory that claims he is still alive.

From @
I hadn't wished to address this, because I find it hard to accept that people think this way, but it saddens me to read tweets that believe Michael is still alive. He is not. Please stop hurting yourselves with this false belief. I have compassion for those whose denial misinforms them, but this increasing hoax talk is wrong and helps no-one. It is distressing how 'believers' interpret anything as a 'sign' & read between lines that do not exist. I can't give this any more attention. It is a false debate that forgets that Michael would never, ever so cruelly hoax the fans he loved.  Love you all~ Jermaine Jackson

Soon after Pearljr from author of PSEUDOCIDE Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?

Tweeted Jermaine the following  message to
@  to @  Alive documentary is only 53 minutes long. Tell fans how their research is wrong explain it to us honestly Fans crave 4 truth.  Give the fans more than just a denial- All clues to understand hoax in "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? Documentary"  ... Name a place & time & we'll be there-2 many beLIEvers now to  quiet us with just insults & denials. Let's do interview to clear it up

 And many more tweets to challenging his statement and promote her Documentary 

To which Jermaine replied
@  to @ you should be ashamed of yourself -- irresponsibly fanning the flames with your nonsensical speculation & false premise... that's all

Jermaine was then attacked and mocked by Many Death Hoax Fans / Believers for speaking his feelings and concerns about his brother and the death hoax.

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