Thursday, December 09, 2010

Controversy Over The New Michael Jackson Album

There is so much controversy over the new  MICHAEL Album, Just before the Hold My Hand single was to be released some of the Jackson's came forward and stated they do not believe the songs the Casio family presented for the album was Michael singing and that caused quite a stir in the MJ fan community. Teddy Riley the producer of the Casio tracks stated that he doesn’t consider that the Jackson's are lying about the songs but that they just don’t know because they were not close or in studio with him in during his latter years.

We know that is true. They were not very close for many years. They including Michael were all busy with life, traveling tending to their own careers or it was a personal choice.. but they barely seen each other let alone live together to see and hear what Michael was creating in the studio. I’m not saying Michael never spent some time with them on different occasions but they were not as close as some Jackson's would like us to believe. I’m not implying they didn’t love each other very much. We don’t know all the ins and outs of their personal relationships with each other except that he kept in close contacts with his mother Katherine.

The Casio family were quite close to Michael over the years and were referred to as his second family by Michael. His family of Love. They have been very loyal to Michael over the years and there home was a safe haven for him and his children. They never exploited their relationship with him. After his Trial in 2005 Michael invited them to Bahrain to spend Christmas with him and his children. Michael even lived with them for 4 months in 2007. The Casio family seems very credible to me based on their history with Michael. I cant even fathom they would create fakes songs to try and profit off them and defile Michaels musical legacy.

I really don’t like all the attacks against the Jackson's by some fans for questioning these 3 trackss in the first place. We all have to admit they do sound very different. But I do believe Teddy Riley when he states they were over processed vox, melodyne heavy (which by the way could distort the vibrato) by the Casios and their wasn’t much he could do about it.. But Teddy does believe the voice is Michael and he also believes in the songs and that Michael wanted them to live. He wants Michael to shine in and live for the world again on The MICHAEL Album.

SONY and the Michael Jackson Estate are  Streaming the whole Michael Album on for free so the whole world can listen and judge for themselves

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