Thursday, September 30, 2010


Anyone Remember "MEET THE FAMILY" Youtube channel and all the GREAT
 MJ celebrations we had.  Please check the vids below I think you will enjoy them :)

All the fans would decorate their channels and make video's for our celebrations _Vindication day, Valentine day Michael's Birthday Etc etc. and gather in the Meet The Family Chat stream to celebrate.

I (Qbee) would make the videos invitations and  (Ramss70) would make the videos featuring all the fans who joined the family. We were such a happy family then.  I hope you enjoy

These are just some of our celebrations

Whooooooooo Whoooooooo Victory PARTY Invitation 2008

Meet the Family_ Vindication Day _ June 13 2008

Meet the Family HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL :) 2008

Meet The Family Holiday/ Christmas Invitation 2008

Meet the Family MERRY CHRISTMAS MICHAEL :) 2008

Meet the family 1

Meet the family 2

Meet the family 3

Meet the family 4

Meet the family 5

Meet the family 6

Meet the family 7

Meet the family 8


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